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November 3, 2001

Curt Schilling


Q. Before the game, you said that if you got the ball you guys were going to win. Do you stand behind that and has it sunk in yet that you are going to have that opportunity?

CURT SCHILLING: No, I don't stand behind it? No. I back down. We're going to lose. (Laughter.) I've never taken the ball not expecting to win and I would assume if you asked Roger the same question, he would tell you he plans on winning tomorrow too.

Q. If you guys had a lead late in the game tomorrow and you are exhausted, do you want to stay in the game?

CURT SCHILLING: I always want to stay in the game. Come on. I always want to stay in the game. Situations dictate what happens. I can't predict what it's going to be like in the seventh, eighth and ninth innings in tomorrow night's game.

Q. I've been reading in the paper the last couple of days that you sent mixed signals. I saw you on TV you were arguing to stay in the game. In front of your locker you said you would pitch another inning; what were the mixed signals? I didn't get any mixed signals; were there any mixed signals?

CURT SCHILLING: Well, if you got all of the quotes you probably got mixed signals. Before, I said, I was spent. I thought that was actually in various papers. I told him I was tired and that I was spent, but, that I had another inning, and you know, it went from there. When I said that, he said, "That's enough." I said, "I can still go one more inning." We kind of dragged that had out a little bit, but that was the mixup. That was the mixed signal.

Q. Think back to that day you walked into the trainer's room and asked for a little advice, just on the side, could you have written the script?

CURT SCHILLING: No. No. I said earlier today, if the Lord had sat me down in January of this year and asked me to script out a dream season, I could not have come up with this. I could not have come up with this. Game 7, against Roger Clemens, and everything that's happened, the way the year has gone for my family, the way the year has gone for this team, what Roger did for me and has done for me throughout my career, I could not have dreamt this. I'm not that big of a dreamer.

Q. Could you just tell us exactly how your arm feels? Is your shoulder sore and was there a time in the last game, Game 4, when it started throbbing a little bit?

CURT SCHILLING: No, it didn't. It did not throb. I was sore in the night of the game after I came out and I was sore the next day, but you know, I've been sore during the season. But I certainly felt different than I did after Game 1. Over the last year, I've tried to mature a little bit in how I handle myself and the things that I say to the manager about how I feel, and I thought it was important that if I didn't say something to him the next day, I wasn't going to say anything, and as it turns out, it happened exactly the way I expected it to happen. I didn't feel real good, we played some more baseball, the game got farther away, but I got better and I feel fantastic tonight. I'm taking the ball for all it is worth tomorrow.

Q. Was does a Game 7 starter do on the night before the biggest game of his life?

CURT SCHILLING: Pray. Wow, I don't know. I've never had one before. I will probably continue to watch a little bit of the last two starts to get some ideas of exactly -- of any adjustments. I pretty much feel like I know what the lineup is going to be, based on what's happened this series. I will probably play some computer games with my oldest son, play a little PlayStation football and try to take a real good sleeping pill and wake up and go get'em tomorrow.

Q. Everyone dreams of something like this, but can you talk about what is going through your heart and mind being in this position, against a dynasty to some degree, more than a dancer; what it means to you?

CURT SCHILLING: The funny thing was, when we scored the eight running in the third inning I started breathing like I was pitching which was odd, because I realized it was probably going to happen. I started to get a little nervous about it. I don't know that I can describe it to someone that works in the print media. This might be like being in the essay finals against Hemmingway or a paint-off against Picasso. It's Roger Clemens. It's Roger Clemens and the Yankees, Game 7. Everybody that's ever played this sport at any level has had a whiffle ball in their hand at some point and said, it's the seventh game of the World Series and you're either pitching or hitting. How cool is that?

Q. How confident are you going into this Game 7?

CURT SCHILLING: Very. I don't have take the ball not being confident. I think what I said before the game stands -- I believed before the game, I said if we could get by tonight, we would win the World Series. I believe that. I really believe that.

Q. Just to get back for a second to a few days ago, you said that you may have sent mixed signals, your manager got criticized badly for taking you out; do you have any regrets about being caught on camera arguing?

CURT SCHILLING: No, because I thought it was a story you guys screwed up. I didn't think that we screwed it up. When you have in the neighborhood of 100 to 250 print media in the locker room and 75 of them walk up in the middle and start writing quotes, they screw up it up. The people that stood there from the beginning got it right; I told him I was tired, but I had another inning. The people that were at my locker the whole time got all of those quotes right. The ones that were not there and walked in halfway were the ones that screwed the story up. You guys were the ones that gave him the hard time. And not one of you has managed a big league game, but you have the ability to write something after the fact and sit there it and ponder what you would have done. That's not something that a manager can do in a big league game. That's a luxury that you have and he doesn't. I thought it was bad reporting. He made the right move; it just didn't work out.

Q. Will you have a real quiet moment where you reflect on a lot of things before you go to the mound?

CURT SCHILLING: The day I pitch is usually pretty quiet. I know my wife does not talk to me a lot.

Q. What about your dad?

CURT SCHILLING: Those things all enter into it at some point. He's never far away, anyway, when I am thinking about things like this and situations like this. You know, he'd almost be giggling, I believe, right now, just laughing that it's here and he'd be pretty fired up about it.

Q. What would he say to you?

CURT SCHILLING: "Don't lose." He was pretty simple about stuff like that. The ball is in my hand and I have control of my own destiny tomorrow.

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