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October 30, 2001

Scott Brosius


Q. Was there a special emotion to coming back to New York for this game, as opposed to the games out in Arizona?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I think we definitely all looked forward to getting back here to New York. We have said all along, we feel just a little more privileged, I guess, this year, to still be in this thing and playing, with obviously everything that's happened. You know, we really want to be here and playing in front of the fans here.

Q. Your thoughts having the President here, the emotions that you felt? Having him throw out the first pitch?

SCOTT BROSIUS: That was pretty cool. The only time you have the President standing out in the field -- he threw a strike, too. He had a good arm. It was neat. It was something, obviously he has the respect of the country and you know what he's going through, and to take the time to be here to, you know, throw a first pitch out like that I think really added to the occasion.

Q. On the game itself, the vital nature of winning the game?

SCOTT BROSIUS: This was a game we wanted to win. This was a game we had to have. Again they did a great job of keeping the offense -- they held us down again and it was just a game where Rocket threw a great game tonight and got the ball to Mariano and we had a couple great plays from Spencer and Soriano to keep the lead.

Q. Roger had not been 100% physically in the playoffs and tonight you struggled to score runs; talk about the way he came up?

SCOTT BROSIUS: It was huge, like the game Mussina won in Oakland. We needed a huge pitching performance and he gave it to us tonight. That's I pretty good formula if you can get the ball from Rocket to Mariano. You like it if you have a chance.

Q. Will you talk about your approach to Schilling?

SCOTT BROSIUS: I don't know if we'll have a different approach. Obviously I think we'll be a little more familiar with him since we have seen him already once in the series. We know it is going to be a difficult game; that we are going to have to go out there and, again, just kind of scratch and claw and find a way to try to put some runs on the board tomorrow.

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