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October 29, 2001

Bob Brenly


Q. The first couple of games, just some of the moves you've made, have you been happy with the way things worked out, in particular the lineup last night with Bautista in there?

BOB BRENLY: Yeah, we are pretty ecstatic about the way things have worked out through the first two games. I'm not even going to say I'm surprised because the guys off our bench, whenever we have called upon them this year, either to be semi-regular players or pinch-hitters or part-time players, they have stepped up and done something to help us win a ball game, which is why it's very easy to make those decisions to bench a guy like Finley with all of his Gold Gloves and whatever his post-season batting average in favor of Bautista because we are confident Danny can do some things.

Q. You are confident in the moves you are making generally?

BOB BRENLY: Yeah, once again, the confidence comes with believing my players can go out there and get the job done, and I think it was established very early in the season that that's the way we were going to do things. We expected contributions from everybody in uniform, and tomorrow could expect that and they are not surprised when they come to the ballpark and see their name in the lineup.

Q. How does your depth give you options as designated hitter as you come to newer and how would you compare it with teams you have observed going against the Yankees in past World Series?

BOB BRENLY: First and foremost, we have several guys on our bench that would probably be starting for a lot of ballclubs; they are that talented. But because of the veteran nature of our starting lineup they find themselves as role players rather than pout and take it as an insult to their professional abilities, they take great pride in being those secret weapons off the bench or the part-time guys that they are. As far as the DH goes, we do have some options. Most notably our left-handers David Dellucci and Durazo, very accomplished left-handed hitter that is we will get in the lineup, I'm not sure who, but one of them is going to be the DH tomorrow night. Should we face a lefty in this series, we have some right-handed hitters we are confident that could come in there and fill that DH role.

Q. As a broadcaster you observed other teams going against the Yankees, how do you stack up with your predecessors?

BOB BRENLY: Some of the teams in the past, and this is not meant as a criticism or a knock, but their bench players were bench players. As I said, we feel that our bench players are starting players just waiting for their opportunity.

Q. Some National League teams have said that they think that Brian Anderson, who has a great pick off move, that he borders on the balk with his right foot. How do you respond to that?

BOB BRENLY: Well, his right foot is not a problem whatsoever. If you really break it down and study the videotape his right foot never crosses. He's got a very deceptive move much like Pettitte's. It's something he's worked very hard on, learned from some pitchers who came before him who had good pick off moves and it's not an accident. It's something that he's worked very hard on, as I'm sure Andy Pettitte has worked very hard on his move and I think that's a very wise thing on the part of a left-handed pitcher, to do that, to refine that move and make it a weapon to cut down on the running game.

Q. What do you think you will do as far as Game 4 with Batista or Schilling, what will be the factors and how is Gonzalez' wrist?

BOB BRENLY: The second one first, Gonzo has a bruise on his wrist. He's fine. He was hit very close several times this year close to the same location and each time he came out of with just a bad bruise and if we had to rate it as some of the other bruises, not as bad as some of the others. We are confident he will be fine tomorrow night. As far as Game 4, that depends on what happens in Game 3.

Q. Not knowing the makeup of your club inside the clubhouse, do you feel you need to speak to them about playing in New York or you don't have to?

BOB BRENLY: I don't think I need to. I think we've got enough veterans on this team who have played in this ballpark, we have enough veterans who have played in very hostile environments before, and certainly nothing of this magnitude at this time of year but we try to keep team meetings to a minimum and I don't anticipate calling one tomorrow.

Q. Knowing the Yankees history, is it sort of a help to you because you know it makes it easy not to let your guard down being up 2-0, knowing what their history, they have done in this situation?

BOB BRENLY: We are forewarned. We know what the Yankees are capable of doing. We know what they have done in the past. Obviously, we are more concerned with this ballclub this year and certainly they are a team that's very dangerous and is more than capable of running off four victories in a row, so we didn't take anything for granted and we know we have our hands full.

Q. Could you talk about your experience this afternoon?

BOB BRENLY: I knew somebody was going to ask that. I don't know if I am able to process the things that I saw today. It was almost -- it was surreal, obviously. It almost seemed like something from a bad movie set. It's hard to fathom that it's really real, but I think the thing I drew from it more than anything else was the tremendous enthusiasm and the attitude of the workers down there in that area. It's a mind-numbing experience, just to go visit there for an hour. I cannot imagine the people that go here every day. Obviously, we have the utmost respect for them and the utmost sympathy for the people who have lost loved ones there, and above and beyond that, my feelings are really too personal to discuss.

Q. On a note of your team not taking anything for granted at this point, did you have to speak to them about becoming overconfident at this point?

BOB BRENLY: No, I didn't speak to them about becoming overconfident. You know, much was made at the beginning of the season how old and rickety and gray-haired and broken down we were, but we viewed that as a positive, rather than a negative. When you have a veteran ballclub, there are certain things you don't need to concern yourself with and overconfidence is one of those things. We know better than to get overconfident, at any time in the season against any opponent. So, I mean, until you mentioned it, that never even entered my mind.

Q. When you say Game 4 depends on what happens in Game 3, is it as simple as if you guys win, you would stay with Batista; if you lose, you would go to Schilling?

BOB BRENLY: I can say that if we win Game 3 behind Brian Anderson, that Miguel Batista will start Game 4. If we should happen to lose Game 3 tomorrow, we'll take it under advisement and we'll let you know right before Game 4 starts.

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