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July 9, 2002

Curt Schilling


Q. That looked pretty easy.

CURT SCHILLING: Looks can be deceiving.

Q. Even though it was an All-Star Game, you were cranking them almost 98, 99, 100 miles an hour.

CURT SCHILLING: It was everything I had for two innings. I threw the ball as hard as I could throw the ball for two innings, that's what I was planning on going out there and trying to do today. That was everything that I had.

Q. What did Barry Bonds say when he came back from the dugout after that catch by Hunter?

CURT SCHILLING: I think everybody was speechless. It's always awesome in an All-Star Game to see an All-Star do what got him there. Those are the moments that people will never forget when they are here and watching the game. That's one of things that makes the game as great as it is. Every night, you get to see something you have never seen before.

Q. Your thoughts on the pregame ceremony?

CURT SCHILLING: Another tremendous ceremony. I didn't get a chance to really watch very much of it in '99; I was in the bullpen getting loose. At times like this, it's very hard to see us doing what we're doing to the game on both sides. It's the greatest game in the world. You know, bringing out the emotions of last two nights that this game has brought out in the fans, I can't tell you what it feels like to be a part of that, and to make people feel that way about the sport that you play. It's pretty special.

Q. Is it more difficult to warm up for a game like this when everything is going on around you?

CURT SCHILLING: Not this time around. First time it was. '99, I feel like this was probably where I ended up getting hurt. I threw for 45 minutes and the game kept getting delayed. I started getting loose and the last five or six minutes I just cranked it up.

Q. Back to the business on Thursday; your thoughts on your team for the second half of the season?

CURT SCHILLING: If we are going to be World Champions again we have to play like it out of the gate. We have the Dodgers and Giants rest of the month. We're chasing somebody; so we are going to find out what we are made of.

Q. Did you expect Ichiro to hit the first pitch?

CURT SCHILLING: No, but so thankful he did. I did not want to get into a long at battle with him. I was more afraid of him slapping the ball the other way, but I was very excited see him hit the ball where he hit it.

Q. Just capture the moment for us, the ambiance?

CURT SCHILLING: It was fun. Yesterday A-Rod and I were talking about the game, and I told him if he got up there with two outs and nobody on that I was going to throw him nothing but fastballs and they were going to be the best fastballs that I could throw. When he came to the plate, I walked up to change balls and I said, "Right here, my best to your best." He laughed, and I promised him yesterday. And we got to play it out. I was like a kid in a candy store. It was just fun. I don't know any other way to describe it. It was one of the few times I can remember as a Big Leaguer where you can actually enjoy the moment and feel and have fun.

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