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July 9, 2002

Ichiro Suzuki


Q.What were some of your thoughts watching pregame ceremonies, with all of the people out there?

SUZUKI ICHIRO: Well, this type of ceremony has probably happened in the United States. It's very, very rare to see this type of a ceremony in Japan, so I feel like this is like America.

Q.I think this is your first time here at Miller Park and in Milwaukee. Talk about how the fans treated you and how the thrill was being out there?

SUZUKI ICHIRO: Well, I felt that the climate is very similar to Japan, and because of the humidity and the hot weather, I feel like the time that I was playing in Japan because of the climate. Regarding the fans, last year we were playing in Seattle, so I had a little bit of a welcome, the cheering. And then here, I was playing right field and then I heard that someone said, "You're no good." (Laughter.)

Q.In English?

SUZUKI ICHIRO: Of course. When Bonds hit that first ball, did you think that either you were going to have a shot at it or that Torii might catch it? I thought that was already gone over the fence, and then I thought, "Oh, I'll just go back to my position," and I heard that sound of a catch of a ball, and, oh, I was surprised about that.

Q.What do you guys need to do for the second half?

SUZUKI ICHIRO: The second half is a time where we can see the goal. The second half is the time that we can see the goal. It is a time to avoid vital mistakes and with avoiding a vital mistake, we can go forward and keep winning.

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