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October 7, 2002

Robb Nen

Russ Ortiz

Tim Worrell


KATY FEENEY: Questions for Tim Worrell and/or Robb Nen.

Q. What does this win mean for this team of Giants who have been so close in the past and gotten here finally this year?

TIM WORRELL: The whole year we battled. We haven't made it easy on ourselves, because we'd come in in the fifth game and didn't make it easy on ourselves. These guys battled all year from the ownership, to management, to the players, we all had positive thoughts. We went out there and played hard. And Russ went out and gave us a great game tonight. The hitters gave us a couple of runs and we just went from there.

Q. Would you tell us, Robb, what went through your mind when you had runners on first and third, A. And B, when Rich had the ball in his hand and all he had to do was tag the runner.

ROBB NEN: I just tried to go out-to-out. It was whether that run scored, it didn't matter. Try to get a ground ball, double play or try to get a punch out or anything I could to get the out and kind of go from there. When your back is up against the wall, you've got to go out and think positive and really relax and try to make pitches. That's kind of what I did.

Q. Robb, you've had problems with the Braves in the past. What was going through your mind when you came to the mound?

ROBB NEN: It wasn't my problems with them. I know that. I went out there with a positive thought and went out there just to try to make my pitches. I got behind Furcal a little bit and he got good wood on it. I thought JK made a great play. We almost had him. I got ahead of Franco and he made a good swing on the pitch. When Shef came up, I just wanted to go out with everything I had and not be tentative.

KATY FEENEY: Any questions for Tim Worrell? We've got Russ Ortiz coming up.

Q. Tim, your brother got to do this a couple of times. What does this mean for you to be going to the Championship Series?

TIM WORRELL: A lot. This is what we play for. Coming up on almost ten years. The second time I've been to the play-offs and to get to the next round -- I think the last time we went three and out against the Cardinals in '96. So to have a chance to continue on, it's awesome. Playing in October, nothing seems to hurt. You're always ready to go. It's exciting.

KATY FEENEY: We also have Russ Ortiz, so tell me who your question is for.

Q. Do you have any thoughts on the Cardinals?

RUSS ORTIZ: We know they're a good ball club. They have a lot of guys in the lineup that can hit with power. They've got one of those better leadoff hitters. They've got some great arms. They've been throwing the ball real well at the end of the season when they need them to. They're a good ball club. We're starting off there, and it's going to be an exciting time.

Q. Do any of you, do you feel any sense of relief that it's St. Louis you're going up against rather than Arizona?

RUSS ORTIZ: I don't think we honestly really care. We're taking care of each game during this series. Whoever we needed to play, we'll be ready.

Q. Russ, can you comment on Barry Bonds' offensive support tonight in a game that meant so much?

RUSS ORTIZ: It was great to see. Everybody talks about him. He came up big and at the right time. But I think everybody around us, the whole team did it. Barry was the one guy that got a huge home run. That pretty much sealed the deal.

Q. For any of you, was the ball that got out in about a second and a half, to that part of the ballpark as impressive to you as it was to the rest of us?

TIM WORRELL: Definitely. I was sitting upstairs getting ready to go out. They showed it from the side. It looked like a line drive. Off his bat -- they showed it from their dugout. It looked like a line drive that someone would catch out in the gap, and it just continued on. He's got some power.

Q. Other than celebrating here in the locker room, what are your plans for celebrating between here and St. Louis?

ROBB NEN: I think we'll have a night and have a good plane ride going to St. Louis and tomorrow wake up and get focused on the next series. Get mentally and physically ready for the Cardinals.

KATY FEENEY: Thank you, gentlemen.

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