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October 2, 2002

Joe Torre


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Joe, please.

Q. The way El Duque cruised through those four innings, how surprised were you to see the two home runs?

JOE TORRE: He had great command. There's no quitting in either ballclub. He pitched, he had great command. Just one of those things, you know. These have been two exciting ball games. But any time any pitcher is cruising like he is, sure, you're always surprised.

Q. What do you think it was with Andy? What was going on with him today?

JOE TORRE: Well, he had good stuff but it just didn't look like he could place it where he wanted to. He made some bad pitches, got ahead in the count and then -- when I say "bad pitches," he made hitable pitches. That's about it. Not much you can say. He warmed up real well. But it just looked like they had some pitches to hit and they didn't miss them.

Q. Joe, could you talk about the qualities the Angels have shown you in these first two games?

JOE TORRE: Well, it's no surprise. We played them a number of times during the season, we saw the same type of ballclub, they're scrappy. We watched them on TV, that series they had against Oakland. They just battle. So we knew when we went into this series that, you know, what they were all about. It really has not been a surprise. I'm proud of the way my ballclub keeps battling back. I know Mike feels the same way about his club. It's gonna be a hell of a series, down two-out-of-three now.

Q. You rarely see Derek get that animated on a pitch. What did you see on that? What did he tell you about that call, strike?

JOE TORRE: He thought the pitch was outside. You can't see anything from the side. It's one of those things, when you get the two strikes, you're sort of in a situation where, you know, if a pitch is missed, it's, you know, that's tough luck. I don't think -- I think the umpires all try hard, and sometimes they miss them. I haven't seen that one, so I can't tell you what that was all about. But he thought it was outside.

Q. The way you guys started to rally in the bottom of the ninth, did you start to think something was going to happen again?

JOE TORRE: Eighth and ninth. As I say, I just like the way we keep coming at people. There's no quitting, either ballclub. I always feel like we're going to win. This magical place makes me feel that way. Hopefully, we can take it with us on the road and have the success on the road we had all year. I mean, we've played well on the road, so being on the road doesn't intimidate us. We look for Moose to pick us up on Friday, whatever day we're going to do this thing.

Q. I apologize if it's already been asked, is Soriano okay?

JOE TORRE: I hope so. You know, looked like he was hit in the left shoulder blade. I'm sure he's going to be sore. We'll ice it and we'll see what happens. But hopefully he's fine.

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