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October 2, 2002

Ramon Ortiz

Bobby Ramos


THE MODERATOR: Game 3 pitcher Ramon Ortiz is here. Questions, please.

Q. These guys hit the long ball, as you see four homers last night. If there's one thing you do that's not positive is you give up a lot of home runs. Do you pitch any different, or do you just go after them? Scioscia says you'll go after them.

RAMON ORTIZ: No, I pitch the same, you know. Same as doing in the season. I don't change anything. I pitch the same as in season.

Q. What would you say the key was to all the success you had the last month of the season?

RAMON ORTIZ: No, working very hard, you know. My second season. Good fastball, good sliders, good command. Everything. Every pitch working very good. That's why I do.

Q. What sense of excitement do you have to pitch the first game of the playoff at home, and what sort of reception do you think the team will get?

RAMON ORTIZ: You know, I don't know. It all depend to the guy, you know? I'm happy for my first start here in Anaheim, you know? I'm happy for the fan who watching me here. When we pitch the game, concentration, we throw the ball.

BOBBY RAMOS: I think Ramon is going to be ready for that game. You know, you don't win 15 games in the Big Leagues by showing up. This guy, he'll be ready and he's going to be very competitive and he's going to light out.

Q. Ramon, how are you going to be ready to face the Yankees, who are such a great team? How are you going to take that?

RAMON ORTIZ: You know, I'm feel good. I know the Yankees, they have a lot of very good hitter. But I have to throw the ball well, you know. I have to make my pitch. That's it.

Q. Are you disappointed, not getting to pitch in this stadium?

RAMON ORTIZ: No, I feel good. Doesn't matter, you know pitching here, pitching Anaheim. Doesn't matter. They might pitch. This stadium might pitch.

BOBBY RAMOS: Still the Big Leagues, right, Ramon? Still the Big Leagues.

Q. Can you speak just a moment about pitching style, out-pitch, how you attack the batters?

BOBBY RAMOS: Ramon's got three Big League pitches, a four seamer, in and out with good command. He's got a two seamer which he usually throws it to right-handers when he hits a ground ball or away to a lefty when he gets the guy to roll over. He has an excellent changeup, it goes down and away, and also got a power slider. He's got good command of all three pitches and he can throw them in any count, any time. He likes to pitch in and out.

Q. Do you have any specific approach you'd like to take against the Yankees?

BOBBY RAMOS: Same routine, he'll do his normal routine. He'll get loose the same way, at the same time. And it's just another game.

End of FastScriptsâ?¦.

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