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October 14, 2002

Benito Santiago


Q. How does it feel to be in the World Series and how does it feel to be named the MVP?

BENITO SANTIAGO: Oh, my God, this is a dream come true, and that's why you play for. It's been a long time behind the plate taking the foul tips. It's great but, hey, it can be better. It can be better. Now we just have to go all the way.

Q. Did you see similarities between last night's game and tonight where Kirk was struggling a little bit? Did you feel you were going to break through in the game?

BENITO SANTIAGO: Well, they gave me the opportunity again. In the eighth inning I had somebody on third base with two outs. I didn't try to bunt. I tried to -- I didn't try to hit the ball out of the stadium like I did last night. Didn't work out, but there's a lot of good players and a lot of good players that have a lot of heart here. Me, myself, Jeff Kent, Barry Bonds, all of those guys, they pick us up.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Kenny Lofton who seemed to be one of the few guys on the team who was hitting Morris pretty well?

BENITO SANTIAGO: Well, the only thing I told Lenny when he came here was "You've been there before. I'm in the water; just take me to the land. I know you've been in the World Series. Just play the same way you played in those post-seasons," and he did. He became the hero tonight. That's why I'm sitting here as the MVP. The guy got the hit and I'm the MVP, so, hey, I've got to give it to him, also.

Q. Could you imagine that almost two years ago you were almost out of baseball and tonight you are sitting here with the biggest Award. What does that feel like?

BENITO SANTIAGO: Oh, it feels great. Especially everything I went through. All of those doctors out there, all of those people that gave me all of that rehab for years, two years of rehab. My family, they really keep me in my head, straight. I've got to give everything to them, because those are the ones that they make me so positive. You know, what I went through, it was not easy. I had a horrible car accident and I was in a lot of pain. But all of this good advice I got, and I'll say it again, those doctors did a good job.

Q. The Angels have been playing very well and a lot of people look at them as favorites. What do you think your team's chances are?

BENITO SANTIAGO: Well, it's a chance to keep the monkey out of the cage. I would like to see that monkey jumping up and down. All of the times they do that when they score a run. They have got a great club up there. All of the time I see a little bit on TV, these people, they are always on base. So we just have to take them out of there and the best is going to win.

Q. What's the your little girl's name?

BENITO SANTIAGO: Aliyah. That's my lucky charm.

Q. How hold is she?

BENITO SANTIAGO: She's about 20 months.

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