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October 14, 2002

Fernando Vina


Q. Talk about how tremendously frustrating it is to leave all of the runners you did last night; you have done that a lot in this series. You are 3-for-31 with runners in scoring position; does that get in the team's psyche after a while?

FERNANDO VINA: Yeah, definitely it's frustrating to not get some more runs on the board. That's just the way it is. They have been getting the key hits with two outs and getting them in. So, we've got to do a better job of that, and hopefully we can start that tonight.

Q. What is the team's mindset, trailing 3-1?

FERNANDO VINA: We're confident. I mean, we've got to go out today and play. Our big thing; we want to take it back to St. Louis, so tonight is the night. We've got to go out and play well, play hard for nine innings and see where everything lands.

Q. Have complimentary players like snow and Santiago hurt you more than you thought?

FERNANDO VINA: Most definitely. J.T. and Benito, they have had tremendous post-season success. I mean, J.T. is on fire and Benito has been on fire and just crushed us with two outs. They both have been big. Their whole lineup, they have been battling us real well.

Q. Can you talk about the ball to right field when you were on second base; it looked like you may have been diverted by David Bell.

FERNANDO VINA: No, I was not diverted by David Bell. When the ball was hit I took off. I had a good break and good jump off the second base area. As I was going to third, I saw Kerry Robinson stop by the third base bag a little farther off. That's why I had to slow down, because I didn't want to run up behind him. I didn't want to make any mistakes there and obviously with Pujols and J.D. Drew coming up, obviously Pujols, our best RBI guy all year long, you have to give him an opportunity to make it happen.

Q. Did you attend many games at Candlestick growing up?

FERNANDO VINA: Oh, yeah, many of them. This is a team that I always watched and grew up around. My dad used to bring me here. We used to go to Candlestick and freeze our rear ends off and watch the games.

Q. Given that, and now that you are playing the Giants to go to the World Series, for you personally is that particularly significant or special in any way?

FERNANDO VINA: Oh, yeah, definitely. It adds more spice to the series, I mean, for myself. Following them all of the days with Will Clark, Robby Thompson; Orlando Cepeda is still a good friend of mine that played here, just so many people that you look up to and the way they went around playing the game, it's something special. So to be able to play in this series against these guys is very special for myself.

Q. How much difference do you think Scott Rolen would have made had he been in your lineup?

FERNANDO VINA: I think a big difference. I mean, you add Scotty into the mix of our lineup, it just adds a whole different view of this lineup. You have that power and just the way he goes about his business on defense and obviously his potential on offense is just amazing. Scott being hurt hurt us, but we have to keep going, we have to win tonight and bring this back to St. Louis, and it will be a lot of fun.

Q. Any other Candlestick memory other than freezing your butt off?

FERNANDO VINA: Just enjoying it. You know, having fun dreaming that maybe one day, I would be able to make it to where these guys were at. Just as a kid, you have all of these thoughts running through your mind and when you go to bed at night after the game, you would be at home getting ready for school the next day. And you have a bunch of dreams going through your mind that you can be a Big Leaguer. Just wishing that dreams come true and thank God it panned out for me.

Q. Is the thought process any different in an elimination game or do you have to take every at-bat as they come?

FERNANDO VINA: You have to take every at-bat as they come but you've got to go back to the wall and go all-out the whole game, basically because this is do-or-die, it's no secret. We have to play hard and give it all we've got. Hopefully it will be enough to win and get it back to St. Louis.

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