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October 12, 2002

Livan Hernandez


Q. Will it make any difference pitching tomorrow whether it's 2-1 or 3-0?

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: I don't know, but I've pitched in the post-season. It doesn't matter if it's the last game or not. A win today, everybody knows that tomorrow is a very important game because it's better if you win in four games than in five or in seven. I'll try the best I can tomorrow and try to win the game.

Q. Has too much been made of this whole post-season dominance thing?

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: Well, I think it's, for me, the same as 2000 and '97, because everything is going perfect right now. Santiago does it before and I like it. It's good for the team, because San Francisco, I think the last time make the World Series in '89, I think it's good for the organization, good for all of my teammates and for the fans and the city. I think it's a perfect idea.

Q. How important is a catcher's personality or character when you're throwing to him? Do you feel something, a connectedness with him when he's calling the pitches?

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: Yeah, you've got somebody like Benito behind home plate, and I think a lot of the starting pitchers, they want somebody like Benito, who you can have good communication. He's very smart behind home plate. It's very good for the pitcher because when you've got somebody like that, you've got more comfort and you can throw whatever you want, throw everywhere, because Benito has got good defense. And a lot of people are not running to second base either. I think it's very important for the team and for the game.

Q. Have you heard from Orlando recently? How in touch are you with him? Will he be at any of the games?

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: Orlando who? My brother or Orlando -- (Laughter.)? I don't know.

Q. Your brother.

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: (Laughing). Yeah, I talked to him the other day. He's in Miami. He's coming to the World Series if the team wins. But you know what, when I go somewhere, he wants to come to San Francisco. I told him, you're very welcome here.

Q. What will be the key for you against the Cardinals?

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: I don't know, do you have an idea? I don't want to share my -- I want to do the same thing I was doing before and go there and try the best I can and not make a lot of mistakes and try to win the game. You go and talk to Benito about the game, about the hitters a little bit and that's it.

Q. How big of a factor is it not having Scott Rolen in the lineup to pitch to? Is this something that's overplayed?

LIVAN HERNANDEZ: You know, everybody knows that Scott Rolen is a great player. I think it's very important for the Cardinals if Scott Rolen is in the lineup. You know, if I'm the pitcher and you don't see Scott Rolen, I think it's better for the pitcher whose throwing on the other side. Everybody knows he's a power hitter and he's got good defense. You've got more of a chance to win without him.

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