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August 22, 2003

Darren Clarke


Q. I suppose being three under after three, you must be disappointed only to finish level for the day?

DARREN CLARKE: Yes, but it was a difficult day out there, the wind picked up this afternoon once we got through about the 11th hole and conditions were very tough, the greens were very firm and the pins were tucked away. It was always going to be a difficult day and I made a couple of poor swings on the seventh and eighth and the 15th and 16th but I was pleased with the way I hung in on the final two holes and managed to grind out a score.

Q. A great two putt at the last too?

DARREN CLARKE: Well my second shot I hit a great shot, right in over the top of the flag with a six iron and I couldn't believe it pitched where it did, so long. But it was a good ten footer to hole down the slope, that made me feel a little bit better.

Q. How hard is 16?

DARREN CLARKE: It is brutal. If you miss your tee shot there at all it turns into a very very tough hole. But I hit that bad a third shot that I managed to get away with it and make six. But there are a lot of tough holes out there, not just the 16th.

Q. Did you know you were a whisker away from decapitating Andy North with your tee shot on the 16th?

DARREN CLARKE: Stupid place to stand!!

Q. When you play with Tiger do you try to watch and learn from him?

DARREN CLARKE: No. We got on very well and we both had a lot of fun out there today. He is great to play with and he always is great to play with. We were talking all the way round. I know he has been telling you guys that he has been having no breaks and whatever and I can see for myself that is true because he is plugging under the lip of bunkers and so on, so he is just not getting away with anything at the moment.

Q. You flirted with eight under for a while?

DARREN CLARKE: Yes but I just made some poor swings over the final few holes when I turned into the wind, I just got ahead of a few and turned into a few. But overall 70 is a pretty good score.

Q. Did the wind have an effect on your score?

DARREN CLARKE: It had an effect on everybody's score. Hard greens and strong winds is going to make it pretty tough for everybody.

Q. Your own position now?

DARREN CLARKE: I'm okay. I've just got to tighten up a little bit, try and make a few more good swings and a few less bad swings over the weekend.

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