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March 18, 2004

Darren Clarke


DARREN CLARKE: Unfortunately, I had a bad hole but got away with it, but I hit quite a few good shots as well.

Q. Was the 18th

DARREN CLARKE: It just got very steep. I had to drive my wrist into the ground. It was down where the ball was. I just got steep on it and hit it heavy. That was one I got away with it. There was a couple of other ones which didn't go where I wanted to go, but I grinded out and hit some good shots to make up for it.

Q. Been resting since Dubai?

DARREN CLARKE: I got here got home from Dubai if I had gotten a flight that night I would not have been able to watch the rugby. So I actually stayed in Dubai and then got a flight home. So I stayed in Dubai and watched the rubgy. It was just fantastic. I flew home on Sunday and flew here Wednesday. From here, we rented a house in Isleworth for a month. Stuck around last week, doing Disney and things like that.

Q. Are you looking forward to staying in one place for a while?

DARREN CLARKE: It will be nice, yes. I have a very hectic schedule. It's nice to be over here and be in one place.

Q. The first couple of times you played does it fit your eye?

DARREN CLARKE: Yes, exactly. Exactly. Last year it's just getting used golf course. It's easy to keep going back to the same ones in Europe because you get to know them well. This one I didn't really see myself getting around.

Q. So this must be your best round?

DARREN CLARKE: Yeah, I think it is.

Q. Is it nice to know that you can shoot 66 on a course that you don't particularly like?

DARREN CLARKE: I didn't say I didn't particularly like it. I was able to grind it out again. I did that. And I think as I told you at The Match Play, I was grinding and was able to do that again today. That's another part of my game that I've been trying to work hard on. I keep on doing it. I've always tried to hit good shots all the time. Sometimes it just doesn't happen.

Q. So patience, as well?

DARREN CLARKE: Yes, just keep going and see what happens.

Q. What will you do this afternoon? Will you see Butch?

DARREN CLARKE: I'll go to Isleworth and hit balls. I'll speak to him and go over there and go over there. Just keep working on the same things.

End of FastScripts.

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