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October 13, 2002

Adam Kennedy


THE MODERATOR: Adam Kennedy, MVP of this series is here.

Q. The third home run, the bunt was on, right?

ADAM KENNEDY: Yeah, first pitch bunt was on. I fouled it off and looked down and Pierzynski wiped it off and told me to get after it. Took a couple bad swings first couple pitches after that. Then Santana left one over the plate. I got it.

Q. You ever have a game like this, little league or anything?

ADAM KENNEDY: I don't even care. I don't think so. This is the best one ever.

Q. How do you hit three home runs in a game? What was the key? You just had a groove swing today?

ADAM KENNEDY: Yeah. I got a couple pitches to hit and on some days you get those pitches, you miss them. I had my swing working today and I didn't miss those pitches.

THE MODERATOR: Go back and celebrate, Adam. Is there anything you wanted to say?

Q. As you rounded the base on the replay, on our vantage point, it seemed like you had realized you just hit your third home run. Is that what happened? How did it feel?

ADAM KENNEDY: Yeah (laughing). I don't show too much emotion out there. But in that situation, when I saw the ball go over the fence, I let a little bit of adrenaline out and gave a little cheer. But it was a good feeling.

THE MODERATOR: Was there anything you wanted to say before we let you go?

ADAM KENNEDY: Nope, I'm good.

THE MODERATOR: Okay. Thanks.

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