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October 11, 2002

Brad Radke


THE MODERATOR: Brad Radke is here. We'll take the first question for him.

Q. The way Gardy is talking, this could be your only start in the LCS tomorrow. Any disappointment in that, that you may only get one crack at these guys? Are you satisfied that that's the way the rotation worked out?

BRAD RADKE: Yeah, I'm -- whatever happens, you know, it just worked out that this might be my only start tomorrow in the series. If that's what's going to happen, I just have to go out there and try my best. Hopefully, get a win tomorrow night or tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, if it is my only start in this series, hopefully, I'll get another couple cracks in the World Series.

Q. You seem to be leaving the door open a little bit. Are you still in the position to lobby for maybe a Game 7 start?

BRAD RADKE: Yeah, if need be. If he wants me on the mound for Game 7, I'll be ready to go.

Q. The 4:30 start, local time tomorrow, means you're going to have shadows creeping out across the plate. How much does that help you as a pitcher, do you think?

BRAD RADKE: It's an advantage for the pitcher. I think when the shadows between the mound and home plate, I don't think the hitters can pick up the spin as well. So it's definitely an advantage to the pitcher. But I'm not going to be thinking about that tomorrow. I just need to go out there and pitch my game, keep the ball down.

Q. When you signed your contract, you had an opportunity to get out of it if the Twins weren't competitive by a certain time. Was there ever a time when you seriously considered opting out of that contract?

BRAD RADKE: Yeah, there was a point that I thought about it. But as it turned out, I'm glad I stayed. Just the way these guys, the younger guys on the team now, have grown up to be quality Major League players.

Q. If there's a benefit from the injuries you and some of the others suffered, is it that you're fresher now and hitting what would be considered a mid-season form?

BRAD RADKE: Yeah, I feel pretty good right now. I know in the past I've thrown a lot of innings. September, usually I get pretty tired. But this year I feel pretty good. I think our staff, most of our staff's been injured this year. Like Milty, Joe Mays, they're up for a little while too, so I know their arms are fresh.

Q. I apologize if you were already asked this. Does it seem like a long wait? You finished up the last round, watched this one unfold?

BRAD RADKE: I get an extra days' rest this time. It seems like it's been a month. I'm ready to get back out there again and help this ballclub.

Q. The Angels seemed to struggle a little bit against Mays' off-speed pitches in the first game. Will you incorporate more change-ups because of that in your game plan tomorrow?

BRAD RADKE: I don't know. I'll see how I feel tomorrow before I go out there. I know Joe had a good sinker working. For the most part, he kept his pitches down. That's what I'm going to have to do, too. As long as I keep my off-speed pitches down in the zone, I should be okay.

Q. You pitched in The Dome, the deciding game in Oakland. Do you relish the opportunity to pitch away from home?

BRAD RADKE: Doesn't really matter. If I pitch at home or away, this is the postseason, I'm going to be fired up no matter where I'm pitching. I'm just going to treat it like any other game, just go out there, try and pitch my game, keep the ball down and hopefully we can score some runs.

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