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October 8, 2002

Corey Koskie


THE MODERATOR: First question for Corey.

Q. Corey, how big is this win for you guys, to go up 1-0? What do you need to do tomorrow night against Ortiz to keep it going?

COREY KOSKIE: Well, this is a pretty big win, but we still got to win three more ball games. We can't put all our eggs in one basket and be excited because we won one game. We still got to win three more. I think for Ortiz, we got to do the same thing, we got another good pitching performance.

Q. How did you feel about your season as a whole going into the playoffs? How did you think your swing was coming in?

COREY KOSKIE: Well, I was -- I felt better coming near the end of the season. Had a couple good series in Chicago. I started to feel more where I needed to be at. Then going to the playoffs, facing Hudson, Zito and Mulder, I didn't want these guys to put me in a slump. I just tried to go in there, get good swings against these guys, whatever happened, happened. Try to hit the ball hard somewhere and let the cards fall where they may.

Q. Did you know Bud Selig was here? What kind of element did that add to the occasion?

COREY KOSKIE: Didn't add really anything. I think Mr. Selig is a big fan of the game of baseball. I think he was excited to come to the Metrodome and see 54,000 people out here cheering for the Twins. So, you know, I don't think it added anything.

Q. Joe Mays was just in and said yesterday, when he was asked about last week in Oakland, he said he just had the old noggin out and rolling, he thought too much. Tonight he said he left it on his locker shelf, left the thinking up to A.J. What did you see tonight from him compared to last week?

COREY KOSKIE: Well, he did pretty good if he left the thinking up to A.J., that's pretty good. He threw all his pitches for strikes. Threw his curveball for a strike, threw his changeup for a strike, he was getting ahead of the hitters not just with his fastball but with curveballs and changeups. Any time a pitcher can do that at this level, it's gonna be a long night for the other team. Joey was able to get all his pitches over for strikes early in the count and their hitters had to fight an uphill battle. They were behind a lot. He didn't get behind too many of their hitters.

Q. Can you talk about the at-bat where you got the double. Was that a split finger you hit down the line? How did you keep it fair?

COREY KOSKIE: I was really looking for something up. I think it was either a changeup or a split finger. It was an off-speed pitch. So I was just trying to get something up in the zone because, you know, he's pretty good when he gets the ball down. When we chase those off-speed pitches in the dirt, it's tough to hit off him. I was trying to get something up in the zone, to hit it hard somewhere.

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