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October 8, 2002

Mike Scioscia


THE MODERATOR: First question for Mike.

Q. Mike, you guys obviously just finished a series where you've been quoted, and some of the players quoted, everything you did offensively worked. How did Mays counteract that? What did he do so well tonight?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Mays pitched a terrific ball game. If you look at no runners leading off, getting on base, when guys were on base, he made pitches, I don't think he faced, but maybe what, three over the minimum or something like that. He stepped up and pitched a great game. He changed speeds well, worked in and out. We really -- you know, we couldn't get a lot of things going. Obviously, when you're not getting any leadoff guys on in an inning, it makes it tough. He pitched a terrific game. That's one of the best games we had pitched against us all year.

Q. It's a long series, but can you talk about getting in a 0-1 hole?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: I think you said it right there, it's a long series. You know, we have -- we just played a shorter series and lost the first game and came back. So, you know, we'll turn the page and come out tomorrow and we're gonna have to obviously do a little more on the offensive side to pressure these guys. But we've always responded well from a tough loss, and come out and play a good game. I'm sure the same will be tomorrow.

Q. Given your experience in the Division Series, can you kind of relate to Ron Gardenhire's decision to go back to Guardado in a one-run game after Mays had only thrown 98 pitches, just to kind of stick to your plan. What does a manager think there?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Well, I think, you know, just from the outside looking in, of the way Ron runs this club, you know, Eddie Guardado's going to be in there in that situation. He thinks -- he has a lot of faith in Eddie, I think anyone would. He's an incredible pitcher, he does a great job. He pitches well in the clutch. I wasn't surprised at all to see that. I'm sure that, you know, Ron wants to get him out there as much as we can. Obviously, way we're looking at it, we're hoping he's not out there as much as he can because that would be a lot of save situations for those guys.

Q. Obviously, your team fielded the ball pretty well in the Dome. Your impressions of the Metrodome and playoff atmosphere?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: Great atmosphere. I think the place was -- had a lot of electricity in it. I think, obviously, the fans were into it. They looked like they were reacting to every pitch. That's -- I think it's a great playoff atmosphere. We didn't have any problems tonight with any balls that went up. But, you know, I wish they weren't cheering as much, you know, tonight. That means we would have done a little better. I thought it was a great atmosphere, and, you know, we'll come out tomorrow, hopefully get done a little better than tonight.

Q. When a fan ran on the field, you were talking to the umpire. What was that about?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: He started to run out. I saw one of the umpires down the line put his arm up, as the windup was being made. I didn't think the pitch was delivered. So I thought that Larry Young had put his arm up, or was standing behind him, I glanced, saw somebody's arm go up which would indicate "time." The pitch wouldn't have been made.

Q. Talk a little bit about Appier and how you thought he was. Was he particularly sharp to you or not?

MIKE SCIOSCIA: You know, Ape worked for every out he got. He seemed to be at his best when things got hot. He made some great pitches to Ortiz, great pitches to Torii Hunter, you know, to keep us in the game. Those guys had a lot of opportunities and Ape made some terrific pitches to keep us in the game. It seemed like he stepped up and made some pitches when things got hot and our bullpen did a super job to give us a chance. It was one of those nights we couldn't get any kind of pressure going offensively at all. You have to give credit to Joe Mays, he did a terrific job.

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