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October 8, 2002

Rick Reed


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Rick Reed, please.

Q. Ron Gardenhire just said that even as you were exercising your rights to ask for a trade in spring training that you still wanted to be here. Is that true? Could you explain that?

RICK REED: Well, that was my right. I was traded in the middle of a multi-year contract. I guess you can look at it like I was going to be a free agent or whatever, but, you know, that was my right and I was going to weigh my options. I'm glad I didn't go anywhere or I wouldn't be sitting here right now. But, you know, I'm excited to be here. I didn't want to leave. I was just seeing who was interested. Nothing came up, here I am still a Twin and happy to be here.

Q. I was wondering, is it any different to be in the playoffs with the Twins, a so-called "small-market team," than it was to go with the Mets?

RICK REED: No. Playoffs are playoffs. This is what we bust our butts in spring training for, is to get to this point. Everyone's in this for one thing, and that's the ring. I don't think it's any different, small-market, big-market, you know, everyone's excited to be here. You know, we had to go out and play the games to get here, so just like any other team, we're happy to be here and excited about it.

Q. Pitching against the Angels, their philosophy of baseball is so similar to the Twins'. Will it help being, you know, seeing the Twins all the time, will that help you a little bit, the philosophy of the game?

RICK REED: Well, we know that they like to run the bases and, you know, make some things happen on the bases. We're also a team like that. So, it's gonna be tough, you know. I'm not gonna sit here and say, "We need to keep them off the bases," which we do, and, "Limit their power guys," you know, not giving them an opportunity to drive in runs. So, it's gonna be a little different than playing Oakland. Oakland didn't run much, but we know that the Angels run. You know, they try to cause some havoc on the bases. We're like that. It should be a fun and interesting series.

Q. Rick, your affection for New York City is well-known. How long did it take you to finally accept the fact you were a Twin and were not going to be able to go back to the Mets?

RICK REED: Well, I think it was in spring training. Last year, when I was traded, that was the first time I'd ever been traded. I think I was just a little nervous about coming over to a new team, having to get to know a whole new team, a whole new league. You know, I made a lot of friends in New York. I'm starting to make friends here in Minnesota. I think spring training was, you know, the big stepping stone, you know. I got to know a lot of guys. You know, they got to know me. I think spring training was the big step.

Q. Watching from a distance, were you surprised at how bad things got with the Mets this year?

RICK REED: Oh, absolutely. I mean, if you look at that team on paper, they should be sitting where I am. But, you know, that's baseball. You have to play the game between the lines. You don't play it on paper, you play it on grass or, as we have here, turf. So, you know, I know there's a lot of people in New York that were disappointed, but, you know, that's just baseball. That's the way it goes.

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