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September 19, 2005

Kara Lawson


KARA LAWSON: If you were playing on an opponent's court, how would you come out and play? At this point the schemes, the plays, the adjustments, I don't think they mean so much. It's just a matter of the team that wants the ball more, wants the loose balls more and is going to play the hardest. So to put a gauge on how bad they're going to want this game and in our house and how hard they're going to fight to get loose balls, it will probably be at the highest level.

Q. But having said that, with Game 5 in Connecticut, should they win, does this almost make Game 4 a must-win game for Sacramento, too?

KARA LAWSON: Well we're looking at it as a must-win. I think any time you look ahead or you look behind in a series, you miss something that you need to be focusing on in the present. So we're looking at this as the only game left and we certainly hope it is the only game left. We don't want to fall into the trap of saying, you got two to win one. And then you usually end up with having one to win one. So we know that we have been great on our home court all year. We know that they didn't win 26 games because they laid down and quit and they laid down and died. So I expect it to be, if we are to win, our toughest win of the season.

Q. How does the team stay loose and not tighten up?

KARA LAWSON: Because we have crazy people that joke around and we have players that just have fun. One thing we said at the beginning of the playoffs was just to enjoy the moment, enjoy what we're doing, what we're a part of. And I enjoy being around this team and we enjoy being around each other. So that makes it a lot more fun.

Q. What makes this such a special group?

KARA LAWSON: Well, we don't take ourselves too seriously when we don't have to. We're serious when the game starts and we're serious when we have to be and we're focused on what we need to do. But in practice or off the court we're loose. We have fun. We don't let pressures or anything else get to us.

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