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September 17, 2005

Taj McWillaims-Franklin


Q. I wanted to get your reaction coming back to Sacramento 1-1. What are your thoughts?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: I don't know, it's our season now, it's basically the best 2 out of 3. Those two games are gone, we're back here. We won here in the regular season and we're looking for a good showing in the game tomorrow.

Q. When you talk about your good showing, from your standpoint it was a big emotional lift. I mean you had to have that game at home, I would imagine, but are you trying to keep things in perspective, knowing that you still got to win two more to close out the series?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: Definitely. It's not like the first two rounds where you win one game and then you can close it out. This is definitely a long-term thing. Those games were close and we expect the same thing tomorrow.

Q. Best road team in the season this season, how tough is it coming into Arco knowing you got to get at least one to send it back to Connecticut?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: I didn't know we were the best road team in the WNBA, but you always got to get in one. That was their thinking when they were in Connecticut to get one, and they did and we want to come in and get one, not necessarily send it back to Connecticut, but to keep the series going.

Q. Do you guys talk about the shot that sent you into overtime or is that just all in the past?

TAJ MCWILLIAMS-FRANKLIN: No, it's over. We haven't spoken about it since the game. That was a big shot, but we had the opportunity in Game 1 with the same shot and Lindsay missed it to send it into overtime or it was tied, I think, right? With 15 seconds left. So we just want to have an opportunity to win and I think that we did and we pulled it out in the overtime.

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