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February 19, 2006

LeBron James


Q. LeBron, did you have any thoughts of winning this thing? You were putting up a few early.
LEBRON JAMES: No, I just wanted to just be assertive and just try to hit the open shots and drive to the basket, which I'm always capable of doing.
So the MVP was never in my mind; just winning the ballgame was.
Q. Now that you've got an All-Star MVP at the age of 21, what's it feel like?
LEBRON JAMES: It feels awesome. I give thanks to the other 12 guys that was able to help me get this. It was more impressive that we came down from at one point 21 points down and came back and led ourselves to a win.
Q. Did you get a piece of Tracy's last shot? What happened on the play?
LEBRON JAMES: Yeah, on his way up I got a piece of his arm and a piece of the ball, which made it short. (Laughter).
You know, I guess it was a great defensive play, I guess.
Q. What was the team's attitude when you were down 21?
LEBRON JAMES: Oh, we didn't want to get blown out on national TV.
All in all, this is a game and we just want to have fun, but, you know, we're all competitors and our competitive nature kicked in at one point and said, okay, let's get some defensive stops and let's get some of these buckets, and that's what happened.
Q. Coming out of the West last time, pretty sure this was going to Tracy, this being in Houston and you'd be on him?
LEBRON JAMES: I pretty much knew that. He had some big shots in the fourth quarter which brought them back into the game, and I knew they were going to go to him for the last shot. And I was able to get a piece of the ball, a piece of his arm, of course. And he still was able to recover the ball. Kobe tried to go up and shoot it and lost it. That's two defensive plays in one series.
Q. How much do you think getting the stops and playing the defense had to do with having the four Pistons on the court at the same time and having that's their personality?
LEBRON JAMES: That had everything to do with it. I think, you know, it showed them what an offensive possession for the team would be and to have those four guys out there, all on the same team, it was awesome to see.
Q. Did you play a little bit differently? I think you shot more than usual.
LEBRON JAMES: Not really. 21 shots is less than I usually take.
Q. Assists, maybe, a little bit less?
LEBRON JAMES: A lot less, a lot less. Two assists, six rebounds, but for the most part, I was assertive. I got to some comfortable positions on the floor, which I love to do, and I was able to take advantage of it.
Q. Was it important for you personally to get the MVP, something that it's a goal you set before the game?
LEBRON JAMES: Individual accolades, it doesn't mean anything to me. I've always felt when the team is successful, individual accolades always come. Our success and individual achievements happened tonight.

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