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March 10, 2006

Randy Foye

Kyle Lowry

Jay Wright


COACH JAY WRIGHT: We really haven't had a game like that this year where we just felt like we couldn't get things going offensively. Then I thought that Pittsburgh, once they got a hold of the game, did a great job of just controlling the tempo and hitting big shots, making free throws. We've usually been able to, when we weren't scoring, take people out of what they do offensively with our defense and create some shots. I just think Pittsburgh's guards did a great job of controlling the game and taking care of the ball. They just did a great job against us.
Q. Can you talk about Allan.
COACH JAY WRIGHT: Allan has a serious injury, but he's doing okay. He's being evaluated right now. That's really all we can say at this point.
Q. How much did his lack of presence on the floor hurt you guys?
COACH JAY WRIGHT: He's one of our top players, that obviously makes a difference. But we have won games - and I think that's what's made us a good team all year - we've had games without Mike, we've had games without Allan, without Kyle, and we've found a way to win. We couldn't do that tonight.
THE MODERATOR: Questions for the players.
Q. Was it hard for you guys, just having your minds on Allan?
RANDY FOYE: When Allan got hurt, Coach just brought us in a huddle. He said, "Don't worry about that right now. We'll worry about it after the game. Just keep our heads into the game, just keep playing hard."
Q. Does it change the way you look at the rest of the season?
RANDY FOYE: Allan, he's a big part of what we do. But if he is, like, out for the season or whatever - which I doubt - but if he is, then we just have to come together like we did before. Like Coach said before, Allan has been out, Mike has been out, and the team just came together. We came together and got even closer and just tried to go out there and just play as hard as we can.
Q. You guys, did Antonio Graves surprise you with what he was able to do today? Did you see that on the scouting report, he could hurt you that way?
KYLE LOWRY: It was on the scouting report. He just got it going. He was getting good looks. Every good look he got, he hit it, knocked the shot down. It wasn't surprising. He just got it going. Couldn't do anything about it.
Q. Along those same lines, Pitt has a lot of new players, Levance Fields, Sam Young. Talk about not seeing them before and their contribution.
COACH JAY WRIGHT: I mean, we got to see them a little bit on TV. I'm very impressed. If you played in that game against them, you have to be impressed. They had all the answers. When we double-teamed them, they made the extra pass, they hit the three. When we pressured their guards, took their guards, they went inside, and Gray made big plays. They defended very well. Really got to give them credit.
I think they get great leadership from Krauser. I think their young guys are really good. I was very impressed.
Q. Considering that you guys start with four guards, is Pitt the type of team you fear going in? Can that team cause more problems than most because of the matchup?
COACH JAY WRIGHT: Yeah, that team can give us trouble. As I said, we have found ways in the past to eliminate that or make up for that, and I just give them a lot of credit. I thought they did a good job on the glass - obviously. I mean, they killed us on the glass. But we've usually been able to be tough enough to outrebound people or spread the floor out a little bit so they weren't able to be around the basket. I just thought they just did a good job of keeping their big guys around the basket and letting their guards control the ball.
Q. As much as I'm sure you're disappointed right now, losing the game and not winning the tournament, is that affected by your concern for Allan? Are you in a strange place right now with how you're feeling?
RANDY FOYE: Yes, we're concerned about Allan right now because he's one of the leaders on our team and he's a big part of what we do. But we know if Allan can't play, we still have to come together as a team and we still have a job to do.
Q. Curtis getting injured, Jason is injured, Mike. How are you coming back from that?
COACH JAY WRIGHT: Hey, we won a BIG EAST Championship and made it to the semifinals and we got good kids, good students, good families. There's worse things in the world. They understand. They'll come back from this. They'll come back.
Q. What do you say to the team to keep them going? They're having a tough night, what do you say to the guys on the floor to keep it going?
RANDY FOYE: Just tell them keep playing defense, just stay focused on the floor, don't worry about anything on the outside. Just stay focused, keep playing hard, keep fighting.
Q. Jay, you came close before. Given the depth of the conference now, did you think it was inevitable that some team was going to win four games in four days? Someone is going to do it this year, obviously.
COACH JAY WRIGHT: You know, I didn't. I didn't think someone would do it this year because of the depth of the conference, because of how much every game is going to take out of you.
This is real impressive, both teams, Pitt and Syracuse. It doesn't surprise me, any of the upsets, because, you know, we knew we could get beat any night. But it surprised me that somebody is going to do this, and it's probably the only way you could do it, if two teams played four nights and then play each other.

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