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June 23, 2005

Brian Bateman


BRIAN BATEMAN: Oh, really? The course is tough, you know, I think the greens, some of the pins today were tougher than anybody expected for a Thursday. You had to pace yourself in the fairway. There were some times where you could maybe take a chance.

Majority of the time you have to keep the ball below the hole. I seemed to do that a little bit today. I played the par 5s terrible. Played them 2-over. Hit some good iron shots, gave myself a couple of chances. Hit some good pars. I think that's the key to any golf course like this, par is your partner, pretty good thing to have.

Q. Last year I think Vijay shot 64 the first round last year, 63; are those scores not out there today? Conditions seem good, the greens you said are firm and --

BRIAN BATEMAN: It's just tough to get it close, the greens, today they're tucked. If you hit it shortsided, you have no chance at making par. So you're playing a little bit defensive, I think, today. You have some chances with some wedges in your hand, you've got to try to make a birdie or two. All in all, par is good on any hole out here. You kind of have that mindset when you start the week, that this isn't really a place you tear up. You go in a defensive mode, it causes you not to play as aggressive as other courses. I'm surprised nobody's gone deep it today.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BRIAN BATEMAN: Yeah, if he can come in, that would be awesome.

Q. Go through your round today as far as your birdies and bogeys?

BRIAN BATEMAN: Birdied the first hole, started on one, actually, I birdied the second hole. I bogeyed the par 5. 6. 5.

Q. You birdied number 2?

BRIAN BATEMAN: Birdied 2. Bogeyed 6. Hit a 9-iron, pin high right about 25 feet, in the middle of the green. Fat sided. Made a long putt. Made a sloppy bogey on par five. Three-putted nine on the par five to turn one over. Almost drove the green on ten. Got up and out of the bunker. Chipped in on 11 from nowhere. Kind of a bonus birdie and hit some good shots the next four or five holes made a bunch of pars and hit it close on 16 and 17.

Q. As far as, is it nice for you guys to see a classic golf course like this hole up on a day like today? You don't have to play 7500-yard golf courses?

BRIAN BATEMAN: I think that speaks volumes about this golf course, because it's not the longest we play, yet it's one of the trickiest and one of the most difficult.

Courses don't have to be driver 3-irons to par fours to make them hard. It can be little shots where you have to place it off the tee on the right side of the fairway and take your chances with your second shot. Whether it's a 9-iron or 3-iron, if you're shortsided out here you're not going the make par. It's always good to play these classic ones they seem to holed up over time.

Q. The winning score is still 12 under par.

BRIAN BATEMAN: I think because it's here again you get to weekend you may get a little more defensive. This is a defensive-type golf course. Doesn't surprise me.

Q. Strange not to play in thunderstorms or rainstorms out here?

BRIAN BATEMAN: Been a while since we played in the rain. We had that stretch 12 or three months we seemed to have some type of delay, I think the weather is going to cooperate this week.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BRIAN BATEMAN: I didn't play last year.

Q. (Inaudible)?

BRIAN BATEMAN: Kind of like it did yesterday, came out of nowhere and it rained. This is a great golf course though.

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