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February 2, 2006

Ross Bain


RODDY WILLIAMS: Fantastic finish there, birdie, eagle finish. Certainly got the home crowd cheering there, didn't it. Talk us through the last couple of holes in particular.

ROSS BAIN: Yeah, I mean, it was a good birdie on 17 really. I didn't have to hit a very good second shot and had about 180 yards in and hit it a little bit long and caught an unfortunate part of the green there. It was a little bit of an indentation there so it was a surprising putt to hole to be honest. I was trying to get down from 25 feet and get it around the hole and it went in and got my momentum going again and got the adrenaline flowing for 18 to be honest.

I had a good start and obviously a good finish and 18th hole, managed to hit a good tee shot there, which is a tricky, hit it over the trees and managed to get myself in the fairway with about 130 yards to the pin. Pretty difficult, and obviously trying to play like I play in the games I played here in your youth, just hit a good shot to the green. And Gary Evans had the same putt, just literally from ten feet further up. Then a good putt down the hill and glad it went in, so, yeah, great finish and really, really happy.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How does it feel to be sitting above Tiger Woods, Ernie Els after the first round?

ROSS BAIN: Sure, I know enough golf that we're only 18 holes into a 72 hole tournament. It's a great start for me and this is my home tournament in Dubai. So, you know, it's obviously great to get off to such a good start, and now it gives me the opportunity to know if I can keep playing well to achieve my goals and try to finish atop the leaderboard.

Yeah, I'm really happy with the way I played today.

Q. You had a good run, didn't you, because you almost won the Asian Tour school, didn't you?

ROSS BAIN: Yeah, I've been playing quite well. I had a bit of a disappointing end of the year in Asia. I didn't manage to get into the last two events, the Hong Kong and China tournaments, which are European events, and I just missed my card last year. I obviously wasn't too happy going into Christmastime, but I had a good tournament first tournament of the year in Japan, Japanese co sanctioned event, and finished top 20 under my belt. And the strange way Asia works, I lost in a playoff in the Tour School.

Yeah, I've been playing pretty good, playing consistently well, which for me means not making many mistakes and I'm happy to see the turnaround in my game.

Q. Where is it you come from originally?

ROSS BAIN: I was born Dumfermline but lived in Helensborough and moved to Dubai when I was seven years olds. I only lived there for maybe four years. I played boys golf and went through the Junior ranks there in the summers and then I played Cardross next to Helensborough, so quite familiar.

Q. Did you play with Gary Orr?

ROSS BAIN: No. I'm a bit younger than Gary. Just trying to get my name on the trophy.

Q. And how did you come to live in Dubai?

ROSS BAIN: My dad has an architectural firm here and he moved here in 1982 and we came in 1983, so he has still got a business here and the whole family is still here, and pretty much been in the Middle East for the last 23 years.

Q. Was it natural to play in Asia?

ROSS BAIN: I went through the college system in America like a lot of guys and came out of America wanting to play either Europe or the U.S. Tour. I went to University of North Carolina and I played there. And I went to The European Tour School and I got through to the final my first career and got a Challenge Tour card my first year was a pro, which was about seven years ago now.

I also went to the Asian Tour school, because I met some Asian Tour pros that said you should come over there as well.

The first year, I had two on each tour and tried to play both and I only played the Challenge Tour probably about maybe 15 events over two years and basically decided to play the Asian Tour a lot more from then on. It's a little bit easier and money is a little bit better, certainly eight years ago on the Challenge Tour.

Q. Can you just talk a little about what advantage you have out there other players knowing the course as well as you do?

ROSS BAIN: Yeah, I think that is probably the biggest advantage I have are the greens. Obviously having played them as much as I have, I really don't doubt the lines often. When I go to tournaments, I use the caddie and make sure we agree on what we agree, right to left or left to right whatever. I seldom today asked my caddie. Usually if I'm not sure, I'll ask.

On these greens, I know what they are doing and that's definitely an advantage I have. If I have a putt I pretty much know where they are going. Obviously a little faster than normal, that's the only thing that's different. But try to hit greens and trying to get the ball started on the right line and hopefully go in.

Q. Is this the best you've felt confident wise?

ROSS BAIN: Yeah, to be honest, I've been playing professional golf for this is my eighth season, so I've been becoming a bit of a journeyman to be honest. Last year I played well, got some good rounds in on some co sanctioned European Tour events and that started to show me that I can compete at the top level, certainly for 18, 36 holes. And what I've been trying to do over the last couple of years is trying to get the consistency slightly higher so that I can stay at the top of the leaderboards.

I think that's what has improved. I was always to make a lot of birdies and shoot low scores, but just try not to make as many bogeys basically, and so far I seem to be doing a better job of that.

Q. What will you be doing tonight until tomorrow morning?

ROSS BAIN: I won't be doing much to be honest. Go home and sleep in my own bed which is always a bit strange at a golf tournament. I like the draw I have this week, which is a late/early draw which is easier to wake up tomorrow, hopefully get the momentum going and hopefully get back out there again. I'm happy with my draw. I'm playing with two guys I like as well, I know those two guys quite well from over the years. So I'm feeling quite comfortable this week, really.

Q. Can you just tell me, how did you qualify for this event?

ROSS BAIN: This event I received an invitation. I played an invitation, and also I'm representing Emirates Airlines this week as a sponsored player. I only found out about the invitation during the Abu Dhabi Golf Championship.

Q. Have you played in this event before?

ROSS BAIN: First time I played it I was 18 as an amateur. I think I've played it maybe four or five times before.

Q. Best finish?

ROSS BAIN: Best finish, I wouldn't know, about 40th maybe.

RODDY WILLIAMS: How long have you represented Emirates?

ROSS BAIN: Just this week.

End of FastScripts.

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