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November 6, 2005

Susan Chepkemel

Derartu Tulu


THE MODERATOR: Derartu Tulu and Susan Chepkemei.

Q. Susan, can you talk about what it's like to finish so close twice in a row?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEI: Well, it is so exciting, it was not possible. It was close, but I could not, because I had some problems on the way.

Q. Did you feel bad the whole race or was it just toward the end you started to get sick?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEI: When I started to push, so it was the time I feel not well.

Q. Were you surprised to see such a big group together leading the race, at well past the 20-mile mark?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEI: Well, always New York it's a very surprising race, because everybody is well prepared for the race. For today, it was good, because to run together, all of us, was great.

Q. Were you aware that Jelena had fallen behind with a stitch? Were you surprised to see her come back again, Jelena?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEI: Well, when I start to throw up, it was the time I lose some seconds, so I could not compete with my best, so that's why she came closer.

Q. Did you think coming down Fifth Avenue that it was just going to be you and Susan because Jelena had fallen behind?

DERARTU TULU: I was expecting Jelena could come from behind, although at first, there was a moment there was only two of us. But as also, in the back of my mind, I knew she could come, so I was aware of that.

Q. Just before you were getting sick, you passed by a water station without taking water. Did you know you were going to get sick, or were you doing that to try to increase your lead at that point?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEI: I got afraid to take my drink because I thought I might throw up more. That's why I could not get water or my drink.

Q. At what stage did you set your mind on running this race? You were a late entry.

DERARTU TULU: I knew I was going to run this race about 20, 23 days, about three weeks.


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