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November 2, 2003

Chad Johnson


Q. Chad, how do you feel about this?

CHAD JOHNSON: At this point, about 13 miles into it I was just hoping just to finishing. That it's. The New York City Marathon and everything, I was struggling out there for sure I will admit that, but I still had a good day because it was such a nice crowd and nice city and everything.

Q. Great experience?


Q. Was it just a bad day or did you fall off pace at some point?

CHAD JOHNSON: I was trying to run my own pace, and go a little conservative. I didn't matter. I think I was just having a rough day out there. Just a long season. I think I just need a little break, a little rest.

Q. What time did you come in looking to achieve, Chad?

CHAD JOHNSON: I figured I was ready to run 2:15. I had done a 20-mile tempo run, averaged 2:50, feeling pretty good. That was a month ago.

Q. At what point did things start going south for you?

CHAD JOHNSON: Just after the half marathon, basically. I actually felt really easy through the half marathon and hit around 67 or so, thinking I can maintain that, but something it wasn't going right.

Q. What happens when suddenly everything starts to go wrong? What is it? Is it the legs? What happened to you? Where did it start?

CHAD JOHNSON: It feels like I can't -- like I can't deliver the energy to my muscles. I am not breathing hard, my legs are cramping up, there's just no energy there.

Q. (Inaudible)?

CHAD JOHNSON: I wasn't far off the lead group. I was hanging about 15, 20 seconds back for the first like 7, 8 miles. But they started to open up quite a bit of a gap and by 13 miles they were quite a ways ahead.

Q. Does this deter you from coming back?

CHAD JOHNSON: No, I am not going to give up. I am going to come back and give it another shot. I definitely feel I will get it right one of these days.

Q. What is your feeling and if you are aware of it, the feeling among the running community, why the Kenyans are so good at this event?

CHAD JOHNSON: I think they are just very talented, very focused and just spent years training extremely hard without any kind of interruptions and stuff. I think some of the Americans, we'll just have to train for years and start at an early age and I feel if we just keep after it and keep training hard, that people are starting to break through with good performances.

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