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November 3, 2002

Olivera Jevtic


Q. Tell us about the fall?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: At one point it was where I was turning, and I felt that somebody stepped on me from the back and I fell. Just out of the blue, I totally didn't expect this. It was the 34th kilometer when this happened.

Q. What was your reaction? How did you feel physically after that?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: I never thought that I wouldn't be able to finish the race. I had faith in myself. However, it was a crucial moment for the race. That's when I needed to pick up the speed and -- the fall affected me, because I knew that after the 35th kilometer, that's a crucial point for the race so it was emotionally and physically, both it was hard to realize that I fell at such a crucial point in the race.

Q. Did you think you might have won?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: This is the first time I have been running a marathon, so I was just happy that I could stay in the race. And I am very pleased with a third place as well because I had no experience with running a marathon.

Q. Were you hurt at all in the fall?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: Yes, I had bruises and cuts on my arm and knee.

Q. Did it bother your running?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: It was painful, and I had previous knee injuries so the fall, it hurt my knee again. It was more difficult again.

Q. Right or left?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: It was elbow, both left and right. Both knees, left and right knee.

Q. Between having the pace disrupted and whatever injuries you suffered, how much time do you think you may have lost?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: I can't specify the exact time, that I lost, but I simply lost the rhythm and just disrupted the pace at which I was going.

Q. Most of your training is in Yugoslavia or elsewhere? Is there much of a women's running scene back there?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: I do most of the training in Yugoslavia. I know of another two or three athletes that have been travelling internationally and participating in marathons.

Q. The collision, did you see it as just one of those things or do you feel that it was reckless on the part of the other runner?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: I believe it was just a reckless collision. It wasn't anything more than that. It just happened.

MODERATOR: It wasn't Tyson and Holyfield and a bitten ear, in other words.

Q. I wonder if you are going to continue your marathon career, since with a fall like that you still run a helluva race?

OLIVERA JEVTIC: I am very pleased with this marathon, this type of fall and despite the fall, and I will continue to run in marathons in the future.

Q. What about the olympic games, look for the 10,000 meters or the marathon --

OLIVERA JEVTIC: I will do both.

MODERATOR: Congratulations. Third place in New York City. New Yugoslavian record.

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