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October 22, 2002

John Lackey



Q. You pitched three innings the other night, do you think you will be ready for tomorrow?

JOHN LACKEY: Yeah, I'll be fine. I usually throw two times in between starts on the side anyway. I actually only threw about 30 pitches, I usually throw 40 to 45 on the side. So I probably threw less actually.

Q. Having faced them in just a brief stint the other day, do you get any sort of sense of their line-up? Does that help you? Does it help them at all having seen you a little bit?

JOHN LACKEY: I think it works both ways. I get a little feel of them, the way they're setting up in the box, how I might be able to go after them. They saw what I've got. They swing at some of my pitches. It works both ways. I don't think it's going to help either one of us.

Q. How exciting is it for you to be pitching on your birthday and in a World Series?

JOHN LACKEY: I didn't know that was going to get out. Yeah, it's pretty cool. I was born during the World Series. It's something I've been doing on my birthday for a lot of years, watching the World Series. It's pretty cool that I'm actually in it and I'm going to get an opportunity to be playing in it.

Q. Do you remember watching any World Series on your birthday, any particular memories?

JOHN LACKEY: Not really. I'm a huge baseball fan growing up, so I've seen them all pretty much. I haven't ever missed one.

Q. I don't know how much cold weather experience you had this year, but how does that affect you in terms of preparation or just what you do out there on a given night?

JOHN LACKEY: Actually, I think being a pitcher is the best place to be when it's cold. We're moving around. We're pretty much the only people that are warm when it's cold. When I was in Salt Lake the first year, it's pretty dang cold there at the first of the year. I don't think it will come into play. I think I'll be fine.

Q. Do you have to warm up more?

JOHN LACKEY: Not really. You really -- I'll ride the bike inside a little bit more, get the blood moving a little bit, moving around, warm up that way, rather than throwing extra pitches. You don't want to do that at this point in the season.

Q. From Little League onward, what's your favorite story about yourself as a hitter?

JOHN LACKEY: As a hitter, I don't know. I hit a home run to win a game in the Junior College World Series. That was pretty cool. But, I mean, I don't think my hitting prowess is going to come into play. I'm more concerned about bunting and getting guys over and letting the guys that get paid to hit do their job.

Q. If you could talk a little more about your hitting when you were in college. Did you see yourself as a hitter who pitched or a pitcher who hit?

JOHN LACKEY: In college, I was probably more of a hitter. I threw pretty hard in college. That's pretty much, they just saw potential as far as a pitcher. I wasn't polished at all. I didn't really know what I was doing at that point. I enjoyed hitting more at that point. But you can't compare junior college pitching to what I'm going to be facing here in the World Series. It's going to be totally different.

Q. Were you at all surprised by the composure and poise and control you had throughout your last start? A lot of people were expecting you to maybe show some nerves. It didn't look like you did at all.

JOHN LACKEY: I'm not going to promise performance every time out, but I don't think there's going to be any situation where I'm going to be intimidated or scared or anything. I'm going to go out there and do what's gotten me to this point. If that doesn't work out for me, kind of hang with them. It happens every now and then. I'm going to go after people with my best stuff. If it's not good enough tomorrow, we'll try again some other time.

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