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November 4, 2001

Susan Chepkemel

Svetlana Zakharova


MODERATOR: Here we are, third Svetlana Zakharova, and second Susan Chepkemel, congratulations. Alongside me here from Russia, 2:25:13 her official time was oh so close, Susan Chepkemel from Kenya, 2:25:12. And in the middle Constantine, here, will interpret for the Svetlana who speaks just a little English. I invite your questions.

Q. Susan was throwing up as she went by Svetlana and threw-up after the finish line. Wondering how much that stomach problem bothered her during the race or did it come on just at the end and I gather this is afflicted her in earlier races, this has happened before, and are you doing anything to correct the problem?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEL: Well, it's not a big problem. It's only just a pressure from the race, you know, when you run very hard in the end, so from the pressure, so, you get it.

Q. This has happened now three times?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEL: But I feel okay. Just a lot of pressure.

Q. Could we get Susan to describe the end because I think Svetlana passed you, we didn't see, but you passed her back.

SUSAN CHEPKEMEL: Well, in the beginning the rest was wonderful and it was very, very tough anyway because the fast leader, when she break off from the group, then I could not hang with her. I could hang with the second women's and then when she come -- when we break and then we were 4 women's after that, she came, when I was running with Joyce Chepchumba, she was passing and I look, she's going and then I have to hang with her, but she was moving and moving, but I had also to keep on with her. It was good.

Q. She did pass you with just a few hundred yards to the finish, then, I guess, you passed -- you had to pass back?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEL: Well, I was feeling strong because and also a bit tired, but when I saw her passing me, I tried to hang with her and I saw she could not move faster so after -- she was running faster and then I closed the gap and then, in the end, I could sprint.

Q. Susan, when was it clear to you that Margaret was going to win this race, that she was going to be well ahead?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEL: Well, after 15 miles so she was -- she opened the gap after 21 kilometers. After that she opened the gap, I could not follow her best, it was too strong for me, so what it was in my mind, I could run for my own best, but by good luck I had four ladies that I could stay with them.

Q. Four Russian women placed in the top ten, which is wonderful. I want to know your relationship with the other women, did you work together at all; how did you feel throughout the race?

SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA: Yeah, of course, they all know each other for a long time and I trained for this race with Ludmila Petrova in south of Russia and I have a good relationship and I like to compete with her. It is great that four Russians were in the top 10.

Q. Describe some of the workouts that she did with Ludmila?

SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA: Sometimes when we have to go for the long run we go together and because it is boring when you are running by yourself. Then some recovery, you know, just a short running in the evening, so sometimes we do it together too.

Q. You sprinted very hard to pass Susan when you were still 500 meters to go. Do you think that maybe you made a mistake by not saving a little bit of that for, let's say, the last 200 meters?

SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA: I wanted to, of course, thank Susan for a great race and I feel sorry that I don't have such fast legs like Susan had. I decided to pass Susan and tried to go as fast as she can, but then she realized that Susan, she doesn't want to give up and she has so much power in her legs and I just couldn't stay at that pace until to the finish line. So it was a really a fair battle.

Q. Can you both address your feelings today; any feelings regarding what happened on September 11 -- was it anything different from running today because of what happened on September 11? Did you feel anything different?

SUSAN CHEPKEMEL: It was a wonderful thing today the breathing strip on my nose had the flag of America, so it was wonderful for me, I feel that September 11 -- so when I was running I was feeling with a lot of confidence and when I finish I really thank God and I wanted to -- when I finish I wanted to say something to the people of America, but because now I have chance I would like to thank the people of America and I say God bless them and it was a very nice race today, well organized and I would like to thank the organizers and sponsors for this race of New York. It's so wonderful. Thank you.

SVETLANA ZAKHAROVA: When those events happened on September 11 I was kind of afraid that marathon will be cancelled. (Interpreter speaking) I called her every second day to make sure that she will understand that the marathon will go on. I was trying to keep her informed that nothing is going to happen and the race will go on. I was excited to come here. During the race I saw a lot of people, more than last year, I ran this race last year and was really pushing her forward and I wanted to show my appreciation for all the people of the United States of America and I was trying to give my best performance here to be able to show that I have spirit and I wanted to stay together with Americans.

End of FastScripts....

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