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July 15, 2003

Hank Blalock


Q. You're the 12th guy in All-Star history to hit a home run in his first All-Star; what's the feeling going through your minds?

HANK BLALOCK: It's really just still sinking in right now. It's an unbelievable feeling in my first All-Star Game to really get up there and make a difference for the American League.

Q. In your wildest dreams did you imagine this?

HANK BLALOCK: I'm happy to be in the All-Star Game first of all and to be able to do this is icing on the cake.

Q. How does it feel that the American League will have home-field advantage in the World Series?

HANK BLALOCK: I'm really happy about that. Certainly, our guys in the clubhouse are going to be in the World Series, so I'm glad that I could help them out.

Q. You talked earlier about the game about possibly not getting in the game at all; what was your mindset as the game progressed? Did you think you would at least pinch-hit?

HANK BLALOCK: I'm always a guy if I'm not in the starting lineup I'm always antsy to get in the game. They told me since about the fourth or fifth inning, always be ready to go in for third base. I was just kind of staying loose and ended up getting called on obviously in the bottom of the eighth.

Q. When you walked up to the plate what was going through your mind at that point and what were you looking for?

HANK BLALOCK: Well, just got on second base so I was trying to hit a single. That's all I was trying to do. Fortunately, I worked myself into a good count where I could get something to hit.

Q. Gagne is tough most of the time and never has innings like he had that particular inning; what did you hit and what was the pitch?

HANK BLALOCK: I knew he had a good change-up. I never faced him before, but I knew he had a good changeup and obviously a good fastball. He threw me some changeups and a couple fastballs and I ended up hitting the fastball.

Q. You were with the Rangers, there were great accolades for the Rangers; how do you feel about that?

HANK BLALOCK: It makes me feel good to be able to play hard and earn the respect of the rest of the players and fans.

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