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October 3, 2003

Damian Miller


THE MODERATOR: Questions for Damian Miller?

Q. After the wild pitch, what was said?

DAMIAN MILLER: It was all I could do to try to get the glove on it. Obviously, I didn't want that to happen. It just shows you how good Mark is to be able to come back after that and make pitches and get the final outs.

Q. Although you were struggling early, how good was he in the latter part of the game?

DAMIAN MILLER: He got better. I think he found his break ball. We talked about it in the dugout, what he was doing, and obviously he found it. His fast ball was there from the get-go. That's his bread and butter is that fast ball. He showed tonight what he can do against a pretty good lineup.

Q. Have you ever seen a pitcher this young this poised this good?

DAMIAN MILLER: No, I have been answering that question since February. He's a freak, really. You're not supposed to be that good at that age and be able to go out and do what he did tonight in his first postseason game. When you're 23 and go out and do what you did tonight against that lineup, there is no question he's pretty good.

Q. You're on the verge of closing out the series. How tough is that, number one, and what are your thoughts going into tomorrow?

DAMIAN MILLER: Obviously we know we've got some work ahead of us. These guy are too good to keep silent offensively. We feel we can do it tomorrow. We're -- we control our own destiny. We need to come out tomorrow and get some timely hits and if Matt pitches the way he's capable of doing it and the way he's been pitching, there is no doubt in our minds, we don't have to worry about leaving for Florida or San Francisco any time soon.

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