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September 30, 2003

Edgardo Alfonzo


KATY FEENEY: Questions for Edgardo Alfonzo.

Q. Were you surprised when they walked Barry with nobody on base?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: It doesn't really surprise me. I've been seeing that hundred and something games. I think when the games really start counting, like the playoff, it's going to happen. The way the manager talk yesterday, he say he don't want to pitch to Barry. I don't think I will do either. It doesn't really surprise me. I just, you know, try to play my game the way I supposed to and be ready.

Q. You were part of two critical plays. Would you just take us through them, first the play at first when the ball got away and the smash off the wall?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: You know, was really early in the game, after Aurilia got walk and Barry got walk, we got no outs on the board. You know, is only five games that we have to play to win three. And whoever is win three is going to be the winner. And, you know, even I hit fifth, I don't think is going to take me too many things to thinking home plate. When I see Felipe, he didn't do -- the first pitch, he didn't do nothing, you know, I just was ready to hit the ball. Second pitch, I just look up third base, I see the bunt sign. I say, "Well, you know, I think we have to play fundamental to win the game." I mean, is only nine guys on the team. They can do the job, too. If they going to walk Barry, we still have eight guys to do the job. We have to play this game the fundamental stuff. Thank God that I got that bunt down and make a little tough play for the third base guy. I was happy when I see the ball, you know, passing me and see the ball going to the rightfield, that we get the chance, you know, to get one run there. And every time you can do that to put pressure on the other team is going to be fun. There is going to be fundamental stuff. If they don't pitch to Barry, we have to play our game and believe in our talent. And after that, Jason was tremendous. You know, was the ace, was really one of the best pitchers in the National League. The eighth inning when Barry got walked after two outs, and he steal second base, my job is to try to hit the ball, and try to make something happen. Thank God that I hit the ball pretty good and we get another run. That was what we need for Jason.

Q. Last year with Benito hitting behind Barry, he had opportunities most every night. Have you thought about the opportunities you will be getting?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: I think I been having a lot of opportunities during the season. In playoff, the way the manager speaks yesterday, I think is going to be more opportunity for me and Benito and whoever is going to be around. Like I say, I think Barry is one of the best hitter I have ever seen, and I really enjoy playing with him. A lot of people ask me if I have big pression (sic) hitting behind him. I say, "I already have pression to play the game." I have to enjoy every moment and try to do my best. Like Benito told me, last year was fun because I have a lot of opportunities to get RBIs and stuff like that. You know, now you a little more patient guy in home plate, I think you really going to enjoy it. I tell, "Hey, this is a team. We have to play as a team and we have to do our job." You stick each other up. That's the way we're going to win the game.

Q. You're a career .300 hitter, or close to it. Do you take it as a sleight when somebody in front of you is walked intentionally?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: I mean, we're talking about Barry Bonds, you know, one of the best hitter in the game, like I say. To me, I don't really care if they walk him or not. I just -- still if he's on first base or he's sit in the dugout and watch the game, I have to go up there and take a pitch to hit and try to do my job. That's the way I have to face this game, you know, have faith. If God give me the talent to play this game, I have to go out there and do my job. Doesn't depends if the guy is going to walk Barry or whoever is in front of me, I still have to do my job.

Q. Can you comment on some of the success you've had with runners in scoring positions?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: You know what, I don't really thinking about that. I just -- I don't know what it is, but thank God for that, you know. Every time I see a guy in scoring position, I don't know what happen. I just try to be more patient and just try to hit the ball. You know, I don't see I change anything. I mean, I just try to go out there and do whatever I have to do.

Q. How much do you think your playoff experience has helped your approach to the post-season this time around?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: I think every playoff you learn something, is a lot of pression because is really short series, you know. But the way you been playing, I mean, to me I been playing winter ball most of my career, too. Is a lot of pressure there, because the fans, they really aggressive. Coming to the United States, play here, play in the playoff, play in New York especially, that's really helped me a lot. But I don't want to say I'm really a master of the playoff, you know, I'm not. I just learn every playoff, try to enjoy and try to do my job. That's the way it is. I mean, I just try to focus and try to concentrate in everything, and you just praying to be strong and successful from the game.

Q. When was the last time you beat out a bunt for a hit?

EDGARDO ALFONZO: Today, today (laughter). You know, that's really -- I mean, I used to hit little more base hit bunt, but I haven't done in a while. Like I say, if they need me to do that, I will do it. It don't matter. After I laid down the bunt, my next thing is run hard to first base, make something happen. That's what happen today. I run hard to the line and see the guy throw the ball. I mean, I don't see the guy, but I see the ball going by me. After that, you know, everybody's running. That's a good feeling. If I have to do it again, I will do it. I haven't done it in a while.

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