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October 6, 2003

Grady Little


Q. Just a thought on the flight out and the mood of the team as they come into tonight?

GRADY LITTLE: Like we talked about yesterday, the ball club was looking forward to this flight back out to the West Coast. They just keep grinding. Right now we're still playing, and we have a chance. That's all we can ask. We're going to send Pedro Martinez out to the mound and give it a shot.

Q. You got to spend time with Pedro since he found out he was starting Game 5. Talk about his demeanor and mood on the charter.

GRADY LITTLE: We didn't spend a lot of quality time together last night on the flight. We wanted to make sure he was comfortable on the flight. The trip I took back to the back of the plane, he was stretched out across three seats and had a tent over him. It looked like my grandson playing in the living room, to tell you the truth. He had a tent over all the seats, and I didn't want to disturb him. He looked comfortable to me.

Q. Talk about what the game plan will be against Zito, who pitched a great game last week.

GRADY LITTLE: What we need to try to do is accumulate a little more offense off him this time than we did last week. This kid's a good pitcher, and we'll go out there and have some good at-bats against him and see what happens.

Q. Give us your thoughts after 166 games.

GRADY LITTLE: They are a little bit different than they were last year after 162 and I was watching game 166 at my house. We're glad to be here and part of this. These kids in this ball club have been grinding out all these games up to this point. That's why they play, to get to a game like this, just as the other team does. We know that nothing comes easy, but these guys are having fun and they're looking forward to it.

Q. What kind of role do you see momentum having in a game such as this? Do you think momentum has any kind of day-to-day role in regular season?

GRADY LITTLE: I'm going to give you that old cliche, to tell you the truth. Momentum is about as good as your next starting pitcher, and we like ours (tonight).

Q. Would you talk about whether Pedro is going to be under any restrictions tonight in light of the number of pitches he threw in Game 1?

GRADY LITTLE: Not at all. This kid is going to be out there as long as we think he has enough to help us win the game.

Q. Talk a little about what kind of games these have been and what it's like to be a manager in these kinds of games?

GRADY LITTLE: It's different than being a manager in a blowout. We wouldn't really rather have them any other way. It's what these kids work for, to be in these kinds of ballgames. They are a lot of fun. You go out there and do the best you can and see what happens.

Q. Is BK available tonight?

GRADY LITTLE: Everyone on our pitching staff is available today except John Burkett.

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