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October 4, 2003

Ken Macha


Q. What did the umpire tell you?

KEN MACHA: He said that there are two types of obstructions. He said that our runner gave up, he ran about two-thirds of the way down, Varitek had the ball and he stopped. That was his interpretation.

Q. What was your interpretation?

KEN MACHA: It appeared that he ran two-thirds of the way, so I don't know.

Q. You were arguing with the umpire?

KEN MACHA: He continued to run. The obstruction happened around the base. I thought he continued to run.

Q. Did you feel you squandered a couple of opportunities? And considering what's happened in the past, do you think this might have a hangover effect?

KEN MACHA: Well, I hope some of the guys learned a lesson on a couple of the plays. It's unfortunate when it happens in a game like this. Jason blocked the plate real well, the ball got by. I think Byrnes' knee was hurting. He was more concerned about his knee. Obviously it would have worked out a lot better if he had touched the plate. We were screaming out of the dugout for him to go do it. It's tough. We played a poor second inning. It's amazing that I think we gave them seven outs in that second inning. It's amazing they only got one run. I thought Ted pitched extremely well, as did our bullpen. We've got to bounce back tomorrow.

Q. Would you talk about Ted Lilly's performance?

KEN MACHA: Absolutely. Like I said, I thought he did a tremendous job allowing just one run in the second inning. He was aggressive, had a good fastball, pitched tremendous.

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