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October 4, 2003

Hideki Matsui


Q. Do you consider that the biggest home run of your career so far professionally?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, I'm not sure about that, but I think it was a very important home run for today's game.

Q. What is the difference between post-season in Japan pressure-wise and the post-season here pressure-wise?

HIDEKI MATSUI: In the sense that it's a short-term series, I think it's very similar. But I don't really feel that much pressure. But again, it's a short-term series, it's very similar.

Q. You came to the States, obviously, with a reputation for hitting home runs and over the course of the season as it was not happening and the numbers that you were used to; how did you adjust mentally, were you concerned about it, and what else did you concentrate on?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Once I started playing, I felt that I would not be able to hit that many home runs. Mentally, I didn't feel that stressed out about it and I was able to continue to play.

Q. Joe Torre has said that he was telling players to watch out for the high fastball. Did you get that message from Joe?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, he did mention to be careful of the high fastballs that are out of the strike zone. But the situation was one out and a runner on third, and what I was intending was at least to try to get a sacrifice fly. So I swung at that pitch.

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