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November 7, 1999

Catherine Ndereba


MODERATOR: Would you welcome the second place finisher in the ladies race Catherine Ndereba, Kenya, 2:27:34.

Q. Second place today, a personal record for you. Are you happy with your race?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: For sure I am very happy about my race and also my present. I am much happy that I finish New York the toughest course I used to hear though I didn't have had done it there before, so I am very much happy and also much, much happy about all the New York community that was cheering me on the way and especially at the Central Park saying -- looking good and I was very good.

Q. Did your race in Boston in April influence your tactics today?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: For sure, it did influence my tactics today because I run it like in Boston it seems like I went very fast and I was not that much capable of the pace, so today I decided like to do just my own pace and then where I feel like my body is responding I need to move.

Q. At any time during the race did you think you could win?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: For sure I didn't had in my mind like I am going to win, but I was trying to do it though I knew it was a competitive race, but I am very much pleased to say that I am in second place. To me it is like winning.

Q. Were you aware of what the difference was of where Adriana was?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: For sure I was not that much aware because she just break from the pack like when we reached at the 10K and she just moved. When we meet with the men I think she just moved very fast with the men, so I didn't have a chance to see her anymore.

Q. When she broke did you think of going with her or was it too fast?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: When she broke I didn't -- I just say I didn't worry, I say each and everyone has his or her pace so needed to take my own time.

Q. What did you hear about the New York course before you came here?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: Well, I used to hear like it is (inaudible) region course, of course all of the courses like in the United States, they are well known like New York and Boston, the most challenging courses and that is why I prefer to start with the most challenging courses that I am going to be challenged too.

Q. Was the wind difficult?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: Well, it didn't cause me problems because I am still running and I know with the time I am going to be a winner too in the challenging course.

Q. Do you know what time you went through the halfway point in?

CATHERINE NDEREBA: Well, I close my half marathon in 1-14-19.

MODERATOR: Negative splits for Catherine as well. You can of course talk to Catherine just outside. Here again.

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