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October 3, 2003

Grady Little


Q. Can you give us an idea of what the mood of the team is down 2-0?

GRADY LITTLE: The mood of our team is we still feel we can win. We've got our backs to the wall here coming back here to Fenway, but we know we've got to win every game we play right now. We still feel we can do that. There's no question about it on the plane last night or no question after the game was over with yesterday. We know what we're capable of doing, and we've just got to get it done.

Q. Can you talk about lineup changes you planned before this and lineup changes that you're thinking about now?

GRADY LITTLE: In Game 3 we're going right on plan. We're going to have Derek, Damian Jackson will be at second base as he has been a lot recently when Derek Lowe is on the mound. Kapler in right field and Varitek will be back behind the plate. That was predetermined that we were going to have those changes, and that's the way it will remain.

Q. How is Pedro feeling in terms of bouncing back from Game 1, and is a start in Game 4 still a possibility?

GRADY LITTLE: Pedro's feeling good. He would have been available for Game 4, but in the position we're in now, we have to win three games. He'll pitch in one of those, and he'll win one of those. Right now, with what he did in the first game and with the fact that we do have to win three, Pedro will pitch Game 5.

Q. With the work that Derek Lowe had to do in Game 1 the other day, in your mind, does that impact what he has to do tomorrow?

GRADY LITTLE: The only impact will be a positive impact. And the idea he hasn't been on the mound for a while, it will help him. It won't affect how long he can go. He's strong and he's ready to go. He'll be out there as long as he can.

Q. Would Wakefield be available as early as tomorrow?

GRADY LITTLE: Yes. Tim Wakefield will be available every game from here on.

Q. Ortiz and Manny Ramirez have been about 1 for 17 collectively. Do you think there is anything coming home impacting that?

GRADY LITTLE: Manny was 1 for something and Ortiz was 0 for Oakland. But these guys hit some balls the last couple of days that were tailor made for this park at Fenway. That's the reason why we're sitting here today is the ability that some of these offensive players have had here at home in this ballpark. They're tailor made for this place. That's what we're looking forward to. David Ortiz is going to be in the lineup.

Q. From the outside, Grady, this would appear to be a dire situation. How does it appear to you?

GRADY LITTLE: It appears to me like we need to win three games in a row. It's something we've done that many times throughout the course of the season. Being here in Fenway, we feel awfully good about it and very confident.

Q. Have you been able to pinpoint or do you have any theories why Derek Lowe has been able to pitch better this year at home than he did on the road?

GRADY LITTLE: No, I can't, to tell you the truth. You never know what's going through the heads of some of these people. I guess Derek is going to be up on the podium later on. You can ask him that. If he gives you a good explanation, I would like to hear it myself. He has been much better at home this year. That was the largest factor in us making the decision to go with him in Game 3.

Q. Talk about how being able to bounce back from tough losses during the regular season will benefit you now.

GRADY LITTLE: It's a different season right now, but I think anytime you experience something as much as we have, that particular situation this season, I think it has been beneficial to our ball club. Right now we know if we don't bounce back, we're bouncing right out of town.

Q. Do you have any thoughts about how Derek might be on the mound tomorrow after experiencing excruciating losses, because he's been up and down all season. It seems to be he does well, and when he doesn't, it stays with him.

GRADY LITTLE: I'm not worried a bit about Derek Lowe. He's well prepared for this start tomorrow. We feel good about him being out there. We feel confident he'll go out there and give us a chance to win the game.

Q. How do you see your closer situation if you get in that situation from here on?

GRADY LITTLE: We feel confident with Kim down there. Kim, he's been awfully good for us since we put him in that role this season, but he's not perfect. There may be some days that come along where BK needs a little help in that last inning. It's one of those things we'll think about when the situation comes up.

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