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October 2, 2003

Jason Giambi

Andy Pettitte


Q. Jason, that hit, did that clear the air for you; do you feel like you are ready to go for the rest of the series?

JASON GIAMBI: I guess I went from zero to hero real quick, so that's a great thing about this game. Yesterday I had kind of a tough game or the day before and today I got an opportunity again and I took a great first at-bat and kind of got that rally going and kind of expanded my zone the second one and then got that opportunity with two strikes and got a chance to open up the game.

Q. How big is it to win this game and not be 0-2 going into Minnesota?

ANDY PETTITTE: Obviously it's big. This was a good win for us tonight. I really during the game sensed how badly the team wanted it and stuff like that. We had a lot of opportunities to just fold tent; thought we were going to have a big inning there in the first and Brad pitched a great game, but you know, it was a good game for us tonight. Big game, and the team showed a lot of heart tonight, I really think.

Q. Jason?

JASON GIAMBI: I think it was incredible. We sent the right guy to the mound, no doubt about it. Andy Pettitte has been our guy all year long. He has been unbelievable and he answered it. I mean, I know I haven't spent a lot of time around here as a Yankee. This is my second year but the game he pitched tonight was -- I don't think there could have been a bigger one in postseason right now to get us off that first game and get us a win and get Minnesota to have the Rocket pitch Game 3; it was huge tonight.

Q. Joe said he talked to you today. I know your dad was there. Any of that sink in and do you attribute anything you heard tonight to help you get through tonight?

JASON GIAMBI: I don't know. Maybe -- let me think about that. After sifting through it all, I think I was okay after -- they just don't want -- they want to see me do well. Joe has been in that situation. Reggie has been in that situation. My dad has seen my swing as a kid growing up. It is exciting. You want to try to get that big hit, try to help the team. I know we have been struggling trying to score some runs. Sometimes you expand the zone. You turn into a human being, especially when you got 56,000 fans out there that were incredible tonight. It was so electric out there tonight. You want to get that big one and get rolling in postseason and get going. It was great to get that one big one out of the way to kind of open up the game after LaTroy -- he has been unbelievable, guy has been lights out and we finally got a chance to get to him. It felt great.

Q. What was that sense of relief like for the team once you guys finally got --

JASON GIAMBI: I was excited. I wasn't -- the whole time I wasn't killing myself. I knew that I would get some other opportunities with Derek hitting in front of me and Soriano and the guys hitting behind me, I'd get other opportunities. I didn't want to get frustrated. I kept telling myself -- David Wells came in and gave me a few magazines to read, you know, to relax me in between at-bats, and what kind of magazines he brought in, David will tell you that. So I guess it worked, so I guess I have to hand it to David Wells.

Q. Andy, you pitch these crucial games all year long and many times throughout your career as a Yankee. It's almost the luck of the draw your turn comes up but the Yankees have depended on you in these crucial times many times. Is it almost natural to you now or do you feel the extra pressure?

ANDY PETTITTE: Really yesterday I really didn't feel like, you know, it was like that big of a game and didn't, you know, wasn't that I get upbeat about it or feeling the intensity. Like Jason said, whenever I stepped out on the mound tonight I guess just something about a night game here at Yankee Stadium almost like just it comes alive out there. And I realized out there, whenever I was throwing that game, I got a little emotional and I don't get too emotional, usually don't show too much emotion, but I was pretty emotional out there tonight. I realized you know, like I said, just I could sense it, with the team in the dugout, stuff like that, and everybody is trying to pat each other on the butt and pick each other up and hoping we would scratch out a run. It was a fun game. One of the funnest games that I have pitched in in the Playoffs.

Q. 10 strikeouts tonight. First time you have done that in all of your postseason games. What was working for you to make you so dominant?

ANDY PETTITTE: Obviously I had a good fastball. That sets everything up. I was able to locate real well tonight, moving my fastball in and out and I had a good cutter. I got careless -- I threw a good changeups to Torii and he swung through it and really got careless, really only pitch I got careless with all night, fastball didn't get it where I wanted it. He made me pay for it. Other than that, really, I was making -- I felt like I was putting the ball right where I wanted to pretty much all night.

Q. If you have your game face off you are unstoppable the fans say --

ANDY PETTITTE: I have had bad games when I think I have had my game face on. Just got in a good rhythm tonight. Felt comfortable. Jorge, we went over the hitters and he called a great game, he did a great job tonight and keeping me under control and not letting it get away from me in some certain spots where sometimes the emotions can get the best of me. He did a great job tonight and you know, I have had the game face on before, I think and struggled, so thank goodness it came through tonight.

Q. How much did you think about the possibility this would be your last game either as a Yankee or in Yankee Stadium and when in particular did that sort of hit you the most? Was it walking around outside the stadium today or warming up in the bullpen?

ANDY PETTITTE: You know what, really today just thinking about the Minnesota Twins, you know, you guys brought it up to me yesterday or the day before I think in my press conference and you know, again, that creeps into your head, you start thinking about it a little bit, it's just been so great, you know, great here and everything that I have been able to experience. That will continue, I think to creep in there a little bit but again like I said I am not going to let anything distract me right now. This time of the year from what I am trying to do and just trying to help this team try to get back to a World Series and try to win another World Series.

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