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October 1, 2003

Ramon Hernandez


Q. Take us through the final at-bat.

RAMON HERNANDEZ: You know what? I looked over there when I take the first pitch and watch what is over there. Give me a sign like the third baseman is playing. I take a look and I think he was very deep, and the first thing comes through my mind, if I get it down the third baseline, I think I have a good chance to be safe. I wasn't thinking I want to bunt. It was one of those things coming through your mind, when you're ready. I watch for the sign and I look over and he was playing deep, and especially the game going 12 innings, it's been a great ballgame. Sometimes you have to take chances. First I look and after I look he gave me the bunt and I look over at third base and he was playing very deep.

Q. Were you surprised to get a bunt sign?

RAMON HERNANDEZ: No, I didn't, because I've bunted before. Sometimes you have got to take chances. In this game, you have to play to win or lose, because the game is going to be tight.

Q. Is bunting something you have always worked hard at?

RAMON HERNANDEZ: No. When I came to the minor leagues, I didn't bunt a lot. In the big leagues, I did bunt a lot. My first year I was here, in 2000, 2001, I really sacrificed a lot, so it made me work a little bit.

Q. Have you ever had a moment like this in your career?

RAMON HERNANDEZ: No. I really didn't think it would be one of the biggest hit in my career, especially when you play in the postseason game and you're playing a team like the Red Sox. They have great pitching and great offense, sometimes you have to try whatever you can to beat teams like that.

Q. What's going through your head when you're running to first? Are you paying attention or running hard?

RAMON HERNANDEZ: I was running hard, but it felt like I was running slow. I wanted to get to first. I was really trying to get down the line as hard as I can, because I know I'm not very fast.

Q. Can you describe the mob scene afterwards?

RAMON HERNANDEZ: When I turn around I see my team is coming, and I saw all of them were jumping all over me, and I am a short guy and there are a lot of big guys. I was trying to get away before I got hurt, because we have a game tomorrow at one.

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