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October 1, 2003

Ken Macha


Q. Was it your call to put the bunt down?

KEN MACHA: I was sitting by the batting coach and I thought look where that third base is. Ramon does that from time to time. But it was all him, though. What an ending. A's win with a bunt.

Q. When you're using Foulke, at what point did you know you didn't have him tomorrow? What went into your thinking?

KEN MACHA: Let's see how he feels tomorrow. He pitched one inning on Saturday up in Seattle. Probably in the last eight, nine days, he's had one inning. Stranger things have happened, he may be okay for tomorrow. We'll have to see.

Q. No he is station?

KEN MACHA: With Ramon, no, he put it right in there.

Q. Talk about what went on in the last inning with Chavez stealing third and then walking Long.

KEN MACHA: Actually, you can back it up. Chavez on first. And we always monitor the release times and I had given him the green light and he didn't go, and finally on a 1-2 pitch we sent him, and it would have been a double play ball if Miggy hit. Hatte worked the walk and then he takes off and then Hatte moves up and it kind of all feels -- Eric was on his own there.

Q. Talk about Chavez's clutch play the half inning before?

KEN MACHA: He's a good player. That was a tremendous play. You know what, you look back at this game, and I try to keep notes all the time on all the good plays. There was a tremendous amount of good plays. Today Walker, I think it was the second hit, he hit the ball in the hole, and Ellis knocked it down and then we got Manny out at the end of the inning. That was a run there. Ramon blocks the ball in the dirt, throws the guy out at second. A lot of great plays there, a tremendous playoff game, and shame on anybody that missed it. I bet my mother was still watching it.

Q. You've probably been on both sides of this before and you have to play at 1:00 tomorrow, what effect does it have on both teams?

KEN MACHA: Both teams are going to be tired when they come out tomorrow. Red Sox are a tremendous team. They are a grinding team. As you can see from us, we grind it out too. We had two outs in the 9th inning and Durazo came up with a big hit. You're going to have two teams going out and grinding out again. As far as I'm concerned, both teams will be as intense as they were today.

Q. When did Zito go home?

KEN MACHA: I wasn't paying attention to Zito tonight.

Q. Were you surprised to see Lowe?

KEN MACHA: In a way, I was. In a way I wasn't. It was kind of a huge game. Pedro, he got way up there with his pitches. He made some great pitches in the 7th inning. They're probably surprised they saw Foulke go three innings too. It was a great playoff game. You don't worry about tomorrow, you try to win today, and that's what both sides did.

Q. Does Tim have an injury?

KEN MACHA: He said his fingers were cramping. I went out to the mound afterwards, after he had gotten a double play and Omar got the single, and I asked him how he was doing. He said, I think you better get somebody in here. That's why we went to Rincon.

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