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October 1, 2003

Grady Little


Q. How surprised were you to see that play and how excruciating is this loss?

GRADY LITTLE: Both teams were battling. We fought hard. The game has to end somehow. We've had losses like that during the season. We rebounded real well and hopefully we'll be able to do it tomorrow.

Q. What's your take on that final play? Did everything transpire in the field as you thought it would have?

GRADY LITTLE: We would certainly have rather had an out. We didn't have an out, the game was over.

Q. How did using Lowe affect your rotation in the series?

GRADY LITTLE: Not at all. He'll be fine to start on Saturday. It's been a while since he's been on the mound. It was good for him.

Q. Was there any reason to bunt with bases loaded and two outs?

GRADY LITTLE: He has a history of bunting and he got one right there.

Q. Can you go over your reasoning for lifting Kim and bringing in Embree?

GRADY LITTLE: Percentage of left-handers they had out there in that inning, and we did that earlier in the season and brought in Embree and it was over, it didn't happen there in the 9th inning.

Q. Reason for intentionally walking Long?

GRADY LITTLE: To set up a play. We had runners on first and third, we would rather have Derek be safe than Terrence Long.

Q. Did you care that Chavez stole third?

GRADY LITTLE: Yes, we cared. We really care right now. We can't turn back the clock.

Q. You weren't just giving it to him, you were surprised?

GRADY LITTLE: No, not at all.

Q. Talk about Pedro's performance tonight and Walker.

GRADY LITTLE: Pedro and Walker were both outstanding. You can't ask for anything more from Walker than what he gave us, and Pedro pitched his heart out. When he got through with the seventh inning, it was possible at that point and we couldn't close it out.

Q. Any consideration to going two innings with Timlin?

GRADY LITTLE: No, we're going to play tomorrow at 1:00. We've got people down there that have been doing those jobs all year long, there in the 9th inning, it just didn't happen.

Q. Can Pedro come back and in Game 4 after throwing 1:30 pitches?

GRADY LITTLE: Anything is possible. He's throwing the ball well and he feels great.

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