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October 12, 2003

Carlos Zambrano


Q. What was the pitch you threw Mike Lowell when he homered, did you get it where you wanted or did he just hit a good pitch?

CARLOS ZAMBRANO: That was a bad pitch. It was a slider and he hit it well. I was feeling good today and we'll get them on Tuesday.

Q. Did you sense yourself getting more excited than usual? Today it seemed you were really super pumped up. Did you sense that at all?

CARLOS ZAMBRANO: Well, you know, like I told you during the season, it's the way that I know how to pitch. And a lot of people say pitch like you know how to do it. I was doing the job in the regular season, and Dusty told me don't worry about emotions, just go out there and pitch your game and do anything that you did in the season you had.

Q. Did the amount of pitches in the last two innings make you arm-weary? Were you getting tired at that time?

CARLOS ZAMBRANO: No, I was feeling good. I threw a lot of pitches today and I just worried about getting ahead in the count. Had to worry about them hitting any bad pitches. But Beckett pitched good today. And like I say, we will get them hopefully Tuesday, and hopefully this thing is over Tuesday.

Q. Can you talk about how Josh Beckett pitched today? It was a tough game. You guys didn't get any runs on him.

CARLOS ZAMBRANO: Baseball is just like that. Sometimes they give you a four-run lead or five. Like my last game against Beckett, I didn't do nothing, I couldn't respond to that four-run lead. But today he was pitching. He was pitching good, and what can we do, just go, Tuesday, like I say. We're ahead in the series.

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