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October 12, 2003

Jack McKeon


Q. Well, Cabrera is batting cleanup, your thinking on that?

JACK McKEON: Just change it around a little bit, nothing to read into it. We've done this before, just move a guy around. Maybe he'll get up in the situation and do some damage.

Q. Go back to 1984, and remember what you and Dick Williams did, what did you talk about with your team when you faced three elimination games in a row?

JACK McKEON: I don't think we talked about anything. I think these guys right here know the situation, as everybody else does. And I think just go about it and play one game at a time. We're not going to worry about winning three in a row. We've got to win today. They know what's at stake, and they're going to give a good effort.

Q. Jack, this team has been so resilient all season, it's one of the things you like about it. Do you think that attitude, that resiliency, translates in this situation, and gives you a little more of a chance to dig out of this hole?

JACK McKEON: Well, I hope so. But also you've got to give credit to the Cubs' pitching. They've done a good job. And sometimes I think some of our guys are as good as they are, but they try to do too much. It's only natural. Everybody wants to do their share. And sometimes you've got to sit back, relax, and do your thing and play within yourself and not worry about anything, and do the best you can. But give credit to the Cubs' pitching, too, because they've done a good job. But this is a group of guys, even yesterday, we were down 6, 7 runs, they weren't quitting. We just couldn't get a break or an opening to do anything.

Q. Have you decided on a Game 6 starter, and if so what is your reasoning?

JACK McKEON: I'm worried about Game 5. If I have to use everybody today, we'll use everybody today and mix and match. We've got to get to Game 6 first. No, I haven't given it a thought. Our biggest concern is to try to get to Game 6.

Q. Keeping Lofton off the bases, particularly early on, is that some type of key, do you have some type of magic formula to get that done?

JACK McKEON: Well, that's been one of the keys. The Cubs have done a good job keeping our guys off base early, especially our top guys. When they generally get on, they can cause havoc with the pitching. We did get the first guy on yesterday, but unfortunately he got thrown out. But we had to try to make it happen. And if we could have done that, it would have turned some tables. But the Cubs have done a good job of keeping our leadoff guys off, we haven't done as well. And basically that's been the story of the series so far.

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