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October 7, 2003

Dusty Baker


Q. Obviously an up and down, ebb and flow kind of game. How disheartening a loss is it?

DUSTY BAKER: It's disheartening. We had opportunities to win that game a couple of times earlier, and could tell it was going to be that kind of day with the ball flying out of the park. I don't know how many home runs, did we have four or five tonight? We made mistakes, and they didn't miss them. That was a hell of a game. It's sad we came out on the short end. Very disheartening, actually.

Q. We're going to continue to ask you about Carlos, every time he pitches. Is there something you can tell us about his emotions, because it seems he falls into the same situation of challenging battles when he gives up a hit or two.

DUSTY BAKER: That's just recently. He's been great for us all year. They didn't miss a ball. And we got four off theirs and they got five off Carlos, and then he settled down and didn't give anymore -- well, he had gave up one more after that. It was a tough inning, when they start hitting that ball out of the ballpark. The balls just didn't move in those situations, and the ball didn't move, and it straightens out and they didn't miss it.

Q. Did Borowski have one particular problem, and will he be ready to go tomorrow?

DUSTY BAKER: We hope he'll be ready to go tomorrow. No, he didn't have any particular problems. They're a good hitting club. And Joe still gave us the situation and gave us an opportunity to win the game.

Q. Any silver lining knowing it's Game 1?

DUSTY BAKER: That is Game 1. You hate to lose, and you hate to lose at home here, but we'll come back with our horses the next games. That was a big home run that Sammy had in the 9th. Gonzalez had an outstanding day. A couple of things on their end saved the game, and it was Gonzalez on the other side, the ball that Aramis hit in the hole over there, that was another big play he made, because it was first and second, and nobody out. It was a very good game. We just came out on the short end of things. Guthrie, he made a mistake and hung a split.

Q. What was your thought process going into the 11th? Did you anticipate they would bring in Lowell in that situation?

DUSTY BAKER: Yeah, I anticipated they'd bring in Lowell. But in that situation I was down to three pitchers. And if I brought in a righty, they had Harris over there, and Veres is good, so I took my shot with Lowell, even if he gets a base hit, he's not a threat to steal, he can't run, and I've got the left handers up after him. Lowell hadn't been playing much. I liked the match up there. Lowell, and then hopefully get Pierre, and Castilo, and go to my right handers. I took the shot in the 11th with Lowell, we hung a pitch and he hit it.

Q. What impressed you about them? There were a couple of times they could really have gotten down.

DUSTY BAKER: I saw them come back on San Francisco the same way back there. I wasn't surprised about their resilience.

Q. What were you told when you came out regarding the Grudzielanek play?

DUSTY BAKER: I was told that he didn't have control of the ball. I thought he had control of the ball, and bobbled it on the transfer, trying to throw it to first base. And all the umpires, I asked them to confer with each other, and naturally they all agreed on the original call. I didn't see it on the replay. Did you guys see it on the replay?

Q. He didn't have it.

DUSTY BAKER: Well, the umpire was correct.

Q. Could you just talk about the emotional twists and turns in this game, particularly given the crowd and how crazy they were in this game?

DUSTY BAKER: That's how it's going to be every day, that's playoff baseball. And us up, them up, us tied it up and they went -- and then we had opportunities, and they tied it up, and then eventually won it. It was full of emotional twists, I'm sure everybody is emotionally exhausted at this point.

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