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October 30, 2004

Lanfranco Dettori

Jamie McCalmont

Jeremy Noseda

J. Paul Reddam


THE MODERATOR: Wilko surprised a lot of people with a Pick 6 buster, but that's another story. We have Lanfranco Dettori. Next to him is J. Paul Reddam, Jamie McCalmont. A key element in this story and, of course, Jeremy Noseda, the winning trainer. First, Frankie, you were out there. You had a very nice trip. To the naked eye it appeared that the three horses in front of you at the top of the stretch lead, Afleet Alex, Sun King, and (inaudible) might actually have scooted away from you at one point, and then Wilko came back after. Is that, in fact, what happened?

LANFRANCO DETTORI: Jeremy did the bloody work and I did 7/8ths of the work on the dirt. He worked extremely well. He is very tough. One thing that he does, he always tries. (Inaudible) he didn't go anywhere. I switched him back to the outside and all of a sudden a dream comes true. He starting to pick up and I knew I was going to win. It was great, absolutely fantastic. You know, I believed, and Jeremy believed, and Paul and Jamie believed that we had (inaudible), but if you don't have a ticket, you can't win. The race didn't work out for us, we would be (inaudible).

Q. Jeremy, most of the opponents in the race had two or three starts, no more than six, other than Wilko had 10. We are not seeing 3-year-olds here, that might be a juvenile campaign. Do you think that racing experience, that foundation, if you will, made a difference in the stretch when some other horses might have packed it in?

JEREMY NOSEDA: I first discussed this with Mr. Paul Roy about two months ago and felt that there was so much racing experience and was sure to get the mile plus (inaudible) so we had a hard-working horse and he knows what the race is about.

Q. Mr. Reddam, I don't want to be impolite and ask what you paid for your 75 percent share, but are you ahead of the game?

J. PAUL REDDAM: Whatever I paid, it was a bargain. I can't really tell you about it without talking to Mr. Roy.

Q. Fine. I think I heard you say on television, we thought maybe turf wasn't his thing, maybe he would do better on dirt. That's sensible, but he didn't run any dirt race. You ran him in the Breeders' Cup Juvenile. What gave you the confidence -- taking into consideration its less than outstanding record in Europe -- to take such a bold move here in the United States outside of the box?

J. PAUL REDDAM: I think it was actually the consensus of everyone we take a shot. That's why we bought the horse, with the experience in mind. Looking ahead at his (inaudible) he doesn't seem to have a real (inaudible) top two horses in Europe, but (inaudible) in the last race we got banged around twice, and most horses would pack it in, and he just got back on the bridle and kept coming. I thought, well, on the turf, that's his style of racing, that's what he needs, so I thought we will take a chance. You can certainly see it in the way the race unfolded today. In the turn when the other horses were by him, he covered more ground and kept trying.

Q. Can you tell us maybe how the deal came about?

JAMIE McCALMONT: Pure dirt and also again (inaudible) he is basically a turf horse. That was really our feeling about buying this horse. We thought he would improve switching to dirt. There are just a couple of things I would like to say. I would like to thank Jeremy for getting this horse here, he did a terrific job. I'm going to refrain from saying he is the greatest jockey and --

LANFRANCO DETTORI: I knew this was going to come out.

JAMIE McCALMONT: He is the greatest jockey in the world, and I think everyone should remember that and forget about the (inaudible) thing.


Q. Frankie, a lot of times when a rider is on what he thinks is the best horse, they error on the side of caution and try not to get in trouble. When you are on a long-shot, let's say today, for example, is the rider's mind-set to be more aggressive and take more chances?

LANFRANCO DETTORI: I wasn't going to, actually, but full credit to Jeremy, he said I would rather you be more aggressive than conservative. Once he jumped good, I thought I will keep the spot, this is mine now, and see what happens, you know. These championship races, you have to ride them as they come. You don't know what cards will be dealt. You have to have the ride of the day. Jeremy gave me the freedom to do what I wanted and it worked out.

Q. Jeremy, any preliminary thoughts? I know the victory probably hasn't sunken in yet. Tentative plans for next year with this horse? He has 10 starts, might we see him again this year?

J. PAUL REDDAM: (Inaudible). I wouldn't mind.

JEREMY NOSEDA: I wouldn't mind being rehired. I came here, sort of my last chance, and I had nothing to lose. Generally, I thought we could get a piece of it. I never, in my wildest dreams, thought I would get a hold of it.

Q. You had the opportunity earlier in your career to go back to Europe, at least train in France, be inside the state, California. Do you feel that today all of a sudden made that decision positively a good one for you?

JEREMY NOSEDA: California (inaudible) definitely helped me thinking about what we are doing here today, you know. Enjoy it. It is a tough year (inaudible) I will just enjoy it right now.

LANFRANCO DETTORI: Excuse me, guys.

Q. Any questions? Jeremy, you affected the American juvenile ranks. Did that affect your decision to come here?

JEREMY NOSEDA: You know, Jamie said to me he thought it wouldn't be a huge field, and there being this (inaudible) or winners of this race going to next year. (Inaudible) a chance he could step up on the turf here today. (Inaudible) allowing 7-10 pounds below our best turf. (Inaudible) so I thought that it was a possibility to get a piece of him, but (inaudible).

Q. What was the story behind Gary Stevens pulling out?

JEREMY NOSEDA: Never even discussed it.

Q. (Inaudible)?


Q. Question in the press box for you: Any thoughts at all about the Kentucky Derby, and the question is: Who would train him or do you have any idea?

J. PAUL REDDAM: Actually, the deal was already made a couple weeks ago. The horse showed great velocity here. (Inaudible) he would train the horse for today's race.

Q. Thanks for clarifying that. Any more questions for Team Wilko?

JAMIE McCALMONT: Can I say one thing? (Inaudible) ride this horse. (Inaudible) top American jockeys were available, and when all the top ones were gone, we decided to have Frankie ride the horse.

J. PAUL REDDAM: Actually, I wanted Frankie to ride the horse all along (inaudible).

Q. You talk about the relationship you two had together? How long have you guys worked together on deals like this? (Inaudible)?

J. PAUL REDDAM: Well, we (inaudible) a disaster in the end. Jamie formally started working together as of last January. We actually have -- we tease about being a racing manager.

JAMIE McCALMONT: Consultant.

J. PAUL REDDAM: So he came on the payroll in January and it's a great blessing for me.

Q. Question from the press box upstairs for you, Jeremy. Your thoughts on not losing the horse?

JEREMY NOSEDA: I am just delighted for today. That was the deal. This was my last chance, and he has come up for me and I am delighted. I hope it works out in the future, and I am sure it will. He is a tough, hard-working horse.

JAMIE McCALMONT: Before today a 2-year-old in England -- this year Paul tried to buy a 2-year-old with Jeremy. Jeremy was going to train horses for us in England this year and it didn't happen. It's not a sudden relationship over this horse. It was the trainers (inaudible).

JEREMY NOSEDA: One thing so (inaudible) many thanks. Paul and his wife are great supports to me and I am sad that they are not here today. I want to get out and have a chat with them. (Inaudible) philosophy is something like this means well to him, and I thank him for letting me train this horse.

J. PAUL REDDAM: It is the strategy they used for the Belmont. The other half was the (inaudible).

Q. (Inaudible)?

UNKNOWN SPEAKER: No. That was Dennis O'Neal.

Q. Any other questions for Team Wilko? Of the

horses -- of the three or four you ran today in the Breeders' Cup, where did Wilko fit into your mind's eye?

J. PAUL REDDAM: He had the least chance of anyone.

Q. Well, congratulations. That will make the victory all the sweeter.

J. PAUL REDDAM: I had four bullets I came with. I fired 3, I had two shots left, and I was going to fire it with Wilko.

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