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August 1, 1998

Kevin Wentworth


DAVE SENKO: Kevin, in with a 67, you are 9-under. Maybe just general comments on your round today, 9-under. Then we will go through your card. Then we will open it up for some questions.

KEVIN WENTWORTH: I just -- it was a good solid round. Obviously got jumped-started by a hole-in-one on No. 4. Pretty steady. Nothing real flashy, hit some shots in there first for some easy birdies. Really limiting my mistakes, made a couple of mistakes, but nothing too major; just a pretty good day all and all.

DAVE SENKO: Just start with the birdie at 1.

KEVIN WENTWORTH: Hit a pitching wedge from about 135 to about five feet, made it. No. 4 -- birdies?

DAVE SENKO: Or good saves.

KEVIN WENTWORTH: Nothing fancy on any of those holes. No. 4, I think I had 183 to the flag, hit a 6-iron and hit about eight inches in front of the hole, hopped right in for a nice little 1. 5th hole, driver, 2-iron on the front fringe, 2-putted for birdie. No. 9, I hit it in the rough, to lay-it-up, and made a bogey.

DAVE SENKO: Did you miss a short putt or anything?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: No, no. I just hit it on the back, on the back of the green, third shot, nothing fancy. 10, made a good save from over the green. 12, missed a short birdie putt.

DAVE SENKO: How far was that?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: Probably six feet. 14, the par 3, hit a real nice shot in there about three feet right behind the hole.

DAVE SENKO: What did you hit?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: 186, 5-iron. Made a poor bogey on 15. Had a wedge from the fairway, missed it just left of the green about 15 feet off -- from the pin and knocked it down three feet and missed it. That was kind of a bad bogey. 16, knocked it on to about 18 feet, left it short of the jar for eagle. So it was a tap-in. 18 made a real good save from the right of the green to save my par there.

DAVE SENKO: How would you sum up your year, first year? You have played well in your last tournament. What has been the biggest adjustment, I guess, if you had to put your finger on a couple of things?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: You mean, for my better play?

DAVE SENKO: For the year.

KEVIN WENTWORTH: I think there is a lot of -- I mean, I am definitely not new to professional golf, but just a lot of little things that -- learning the golf courses, kind of learning the style of play is a little different. You really have to drive the ball extremely well on the Tour to play well week-in and week-out. That is something that has steadily improved for me. The weather -- I have played my last few years in Asia and my biggest battle is playing in this kind of weather or hotter and to start the year, the first few months in the cold was kind of like a shock to the system a little bit. I think it just takes a while to get comfortable with everything that is going on out here. It seems like each week I learn a little bit more and just get settled in a little bit more.

DAVE SENKO: You played well in the last couple of times. Anything that turned -- you played well in Mississippi --

KEVIN WENTWORTH: Just kind of hanging in there. I was playing poorly early, and being new, I kind of compound it and I figured if I was just patient, my game would come around. It really has. Mainly driving the ball. I have driven the ball straight, and I think that has probably been the biggest difference over the summer.

DAVE SENKO: Questions.

Q. Had you started to feel any sense of urgency now that we are rolling into August and you hadn't won a whole lot to keep you current?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: I really haven't. I mean, I think I have kind of -- somewhere in there, in May I probably resigned myself to say, you know, I have really used this year to learn and try to just gather information for the future and not really worry about my card. Not that worrying about it does you any good no matter where you are on the money list. But I mean, I don't even know enough to worry about it. (laughs)

Q. How many hole-in-ones have you had in competition?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: It was the first one. I have had two. This is the second one - one in college and today was the first one in competition. I have written down a few 1s on other guys' score cards, but never one on mine.

Q. Given that you have played in a lot of hot places, where is the hottest you have ever played?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: Hottest place I have ever played was in Indonesia, in Bali. It is about two degrees south of the equator and the sun feels like it is about five feet over your head. It really makes days like these, that we have had this week really seem mild. It is just amazing, to just get around the golf course is a real chore.

Q. When you went out today, did you feel like if you shot this kind of number that you would be this close to the lead or did you expect these other guys that are up there to continue to pull away?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: I haven't really looked at the board. I thought that if I could shoot that 4-, 5-under round, I would be within some sort of a chance to make a run. I mean, here I am talking like this and I have been just trying to make cuts. So I have played in Asia and in other places, Japan, and been in these situations and, today, you just try to get as many as you can and really I didn't never look at the board and there was no need to. You are just trying to get as many under pars as you can and -- you look at who was up there, Nick Price and Azinger and Hoch and all those guys, you figure they are going to keep shooting under par, so you have to just keep staying with them.

Q. What are some of the more interesting things that happened to you while in Asia the last two years?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: It is funny, I tell stories all the time, and when I have to think of something, I am blank here. I think it is just a little bit adventuresome. We play in some third-world countries and you see some sites that you don't normally see, you know, things that come to mind is cobras wiggling across the green when guys are trying to putt. Goats running around on the golf course. You have got to back off your shot because there is a herd of goats running through your driving area. The driving is crazy on the streets. It is just a free-for-all, so, you see all kinds of crazy stuff. I am trying to think of something really funny. Nothing is coming to me right now.

Q. How close have you come to a problem with the Cobra?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: I ran into one one time in the Bush and he went one way and I went the other way and that was just fine with me. It is only some of the countries, India and Indonesia, has cobras, but not all of them.

Q. On that same vein, with the Nike Tour, a lot of the young American guys now never have to go overseas now. Do you feel playing in Asia, specifically, is a good life-education that you always appreciate?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: Yeah, I think so. I didn't play the Nike Tour or I have played a little on the Nike Tour because I always had a hard time getting to the Qualifying School. But I think it is. I think to travel -- especially as an American, I mean, we are so insulated. I think we are kind of raised to think that this is the only way people live. It is such a big country that to travel within the states takes a lot. I learned a lot. I think it was a great education for me, taught me to appreciate things a lot.

Q. I think you already alluded to this a little bit, but does the heat here make you more comfortable because of what you went through the last two years? Does it really feel hot to you here?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: There is no question. I mean, I live in California, so I am used to the dry climate. I mean, seemed like I sweat once I get out of the hotel room. But I think probably subconsciously having played so much in the heat, it just feels pretty natural for me. I just think that is because I have played in this weather a lot. But it does feel hot.

Q. Tonight, will you be thinking about being in contention tomorrow or are you the kind that can go back and relax and forget about it?

KEVIN WENTWORTH: If I was out in the lead and, you know, had a bunch of guys chasing me, maybe I would feel different. But I really don't think -- I will probably think about it more on the way to the course, but between now and then, I mean, there is guys that won a bunch more tournaments than I have right there, so I don't see that there is any reason to worry about it. I really don't feel that I have got a whole lot to lose. But I will be nervous tomorrow, I am sure.

DAVE SENKO: No more questions? Thank you, Kevin.

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