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October 19, 2003

Hideki Matsui


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. You've hit very well in the postseason, even better than in the regular season. Is there any reason, and did you do better in Japan as the season went on into the more important games there?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, no, regardless, I just take the same approach. Even going into this postseason and this World Series, I just took the same approach.

Q. Can you describe to us what happened with the home run, what you were looking for and what you got and give us a little bit of detail?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, I think the first pitch was a fastball, then came a pitch, a low pitch and another fastball. The count was 3-0 and I got a sign that I can go ahead and swing at a 3-0 count. I got a good pitch to hit and was able to get a good swing on it. Fortunately, it went out.

Q. Do you really understand how big a home run that is to put them up 3-0 in the second game of the World Series with Andy pitching?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, the three run was really big for the team and it also was very important for today's win. Hopefully, it was also a help to Andy with his pitching today.

Q. Can you speak to the fact of what this season has actually meant to you, coming over from the Japan leagues? This phenomenal season you've had, adapting in the league, what it means to be in the World Series right now, just for you personally?

HIDEKI MATSUI: You mean just this season?

Q. Yes.

HIDEKI MATSUI: I'm sorry. What was the last question again?

Q. The last question being that looking at your transition from the Japanese league to playing in the World Series now, personally, how does that feel? What is the experience that you've had in the Major Leagues?

HIDEKI MATSUI: I think this season, I think I was able to give it my best throughout the season.

Q. What was the experience? How would you describe the experience, having played in the Japanese leagues and having made it from the Japanese leagues to the World Series here in the Major Leagues? What is the experience you've felt?

HIDEKI MATSUI: Yeah, it's very difficult to compare the two, very different environments. So you just really can't compare it. But as far as myself, I'm just, again, taking the same mental approach and generally just the same preparation that I've done over there as I am here.

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