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October 9, 2004

Alex Rodriguez


Q. Alex, what did you read on that play in the 11th inning that made you think, I can steel third in this situation?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I was there in the eighth or ninth when I hit the previous double off Nathan. I was about 80/20. I wasn't really sure. Or maybe 70/30. Once I got on there against Lohse, I felt we had to go get the game. It wasn't going to come to us. I said 90/10, that's good enough for me, let's go.

Q. Alex. How satisfying is it for you to be able to in your first Yankees post-season and come up with some of the big hits, especially in the late innings?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: It's very satisfying. I mean, I've always felt most comfortable in October, and I've played my best baseball in October. It's a fun time to play. We have a great team, and I just feel real comfortable. I felt great in September and I'm carrying it over in October.

Q. Alex, you've been around the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry now since last summer. Can you give us a look of what to expect in this series?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: First I'm going to enjoy the next two days. I'm as tired as a person can be. I'm going to sleep all day tomorrow. We know Boston and they know us as well as any other team. It's going to be a great challenge and I have had a great appetite over the summer. I know they're going to come out ready, and so are we.

Q. You're known as the big hitter, today you did the little things that made it matter. Can you talk about that and what you were thinking and all that?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Again, I think what makes you a winning player is you have to be able to do the little things, play defense. You can't always play big ball. I thought there was a window of opportunity with Lohse, and I told Sheffield before I was going to play, I said, "Sheffield, I'm going to steal the first two pitches." Most guys don't take 1/1, change-ups down the middle to concede the stolen base. That's what makes Sheffield such a good player.

Q. Alex, you've seen it 60 times this year. Is there a different sense in this dugout than you've ever experienced before? What is it about this team?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I've never been around a bunch of guys that believe so much in themselves, 1 through 25. I don't think one guy more than the other. I think we have 25 guys with big hearts, and no matter what the score is, you should hear the dugout. It felt like a college team out there. We felt we were going to win this game. It's just good to see.

Q. Alex, it seemed like the Twins had a lot going on on the bases all day, putting pressure to you guys to hold them. I think three out of the four guys that tried to steal were thrown out. Just how tough of a game was it from a defensive end to just hold them where they were, and execute as well as you guys did?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, the Twins, they did put so much pressure on you. They can all run and come down the line. As soon as they get a single, they're thinking about two; if they get a double, they're thinking about three. Posada did a great job. I think that's going to be a key for us down the road.

Q. Alex, what were you thinking when you saw the ball leave Sierra's bat?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Wow, I couldn't believe it. He was a pretty tough pitcher and he hung him a back-door slider. He gets big hits after big hits, to Ruben's credit.

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