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October 19, 2004

Jorge Posada


Q. Just curious, on the Damon bunt last night, did you think at all about letting it fall and trying to get a double play that way?

JORGE POSADA: I did, I thought about it, but in front of the plate in Fenway is not, you know, really especially late in the game. It's a little chopped up, and we've got to get an out here.

Q. How is your hand?

JORGE POSADA: Good. You know, a little bruised, but it's good.

Q. You've caught so many hours now the last two days; are you tired or has fatigue become a factor?

JORGE POSADA: When the games start like that, adrenaline takes over. But waking up this morning was tough. I think everybody is on the same page; their team, our team. So, you know, it's not an advantage to any of us.

Q. What will you be looking for particularly with Jon tonight?

JORGE POSADA: Well, he is rested, so the biggest thing with him, try to do the same thing he did earlier against this team. We're not going to try to change too much. We're going to go after the hitters, pretty much the same thing we did over here. We need to go with our offense and make him calm a little bit and make him relax a little bit.

Q. Did Joe talk to you at all about whether you maybe want to sit out tonight because of how much you've caught lately or was that ever a consideration?

JORGE POSADA: He asked me how I was I doing, and I told him I'm all right. I just know, you know, for us, there's no tomorrow. We've got to play every day and obviously after the season, after whatever happens, we've got a long time to rest. So, you know, there's no sense for me resting right now.

Q. Did anybody talk about you guys maybe falling out of your game plan at the end of yesterday's game in terms of patience and getting the pitches to hit?

JORGE POSADA: You know, a little bit of both. I think they have been pitching very good. They have been -- to tell you the truth, I think both teams, also, got a little bit anxious, guys trying to do it, you want to get a run in and you want to make sure you get on base and you can get off your game, your little plan. Hopefully we can relax out there today and the fans, our fans, can be a big factor.

Q. When Roberts was on, Gordon seemed like he was a little out of rhythm yesterday and seemed like you were rattled a little bit. Did you see that, is that why you went to tack to him and did you see anything else with him?

JORGE POSADA: I tell you what, after the home run, Ortiz's home run, I went out there and talked to him. I also went out there to talk to him after Johnny Damon, just to make sure what he wants to do, especially with certain guys. I thought after the home run, we've still got the lead. I went out there, said, we've still got the lead, I can make sure you keep throwing your pitches and stay within yourself. When I went out there to talk to him after with Johnny Damon, I thought Johnny made some adjustments at the plate and I went to talk to him about that.

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