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October 16, 2004

Alex Rodriguez


Q. Joe was just talking about the importance of your home run that tied the game at 4, can you talk about that, not only the pitch and whatnot, but what it meant momentum-wise for your team to immediately come back after they had taken the lead?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, they closed the gap quickly. We were up 3-0, and they go up 4. So we wanted to make sure we answered back in that inning, and that was a big home run just to tie it up. And we knew that it was going to take at least ten runs to win that game at that point. So we just kind of got some momentum back.

Q. Would you talk about the pitch you hit?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: It was a 2-1 slider, a 2-1 slider, and he hung it. I hit it pretty well.

Q. Do you get the sense being around this team and watching the Red Sox tonight that this is a beaten team; they seem to be throwing their hands down at the end of the game and just walking away from a lot of pitches it seemed.

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: No, I don't feel that way. That's a very good team over there and we have a lot of respect for them. We feel pretty good about the way we're playing and we've felt that way for probably the last two or three weeks. Especially offensively we feel like we have a lot of momentum. It doesn't matter who we are facing or who is pitching. We feel like we are going to put together some good at-bats. I like speaking about our team; I don't like speaking for the other team. But we have a lot of respect for them, though.

Q. What does it mean to beat a team that you were almost a member of this past season, or in the off-season?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: I mean, I don't think about that too much. It's almost ancient history for me. I know at the time it was very emotional and it was a very big decision in my life, but when the deal fell through and the Yankees came calling, it's just kind of ironic that I'm here and playing for the Yankees now.

Q. Why did you think it was going to take ten runs to win the game tonight?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: Well, we scored three right off the bat and they answered with four; that's after one and a half innings. So I knew that it wasn't going to stop there. I mean, they were swinging the bat really well. I knew the way we feel about our offense, so we just -- I knew it was going to be 5-4 at that point. So my philosophy and our team philosophy is see how quickly we can get it to ten and see what happens.

Q. All October you've been hitting the ball extremely well, and including tonight scoring five runs. Do you notice any difference in your swing, did you tinker with it at all, or is it just clicking?

ALEX RODRIGUEZ: You know, I've worked hard all year and for some reason this year, I don't know if it's the change to New York or whatnot, but I just haven't found it for five months. And finally September, Don Mattingly and I, we've just been working hard all year. Sometime around August 28th, I just felt it click. I'm just going to keep riding that wave hopefully.

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